Thursday, December 25, 2014


Once again the circumstances lead me to celebrate the holidays in an unusual place. Poor families hurt by the Obama policies banding together to celebrate Christmas. It isn't Norman Rockwell, but it has a special feel. Perhaps when things come too easy we don't relish a feast or a gift. The greatest gift of all is being a father and grandfather.  I relax on the couch with my beloved Maltese and wonder. A Duck and lasagna are being prepared and perhaps a Barbecued chicken. The kids will make chocolate covered strawberries.

Oddly there is something genuine about this holiday in my home. Bringing families together as opposed to draconian religious minutiae are the purpose of holidays. In essence Christ is the fulfillment of the Judaic prophecies. Yet at the core of the ethos is bringing families together. Imposing a rule book and being a general slob is something familiar to my family. My brothers religious zombie bit and the obnoxious religious condescension while having their hand out has made holidays a chore for me.  We may not have much but it is a warm loving home where people work hard when they can find a job. I will take that over fake and font Frummies any day of the week.

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Enjoy the celebration.