Thursday, January 01, 2015

The hypocritical media

The media  has a blind spot with racism when it comes from non whites. It is entirely unacceptable to speak in front of a white power group. However, the media pretends that membership in a Black Liberation Theology church is peachy. The rhetoric of Pastor Wright is racist and anti Semitic. It is every bit as offensive as the garbage at White Power meeting do. The claim from the left that the military service of Wright protects him from being called anti American is false. Julius Rosenberg and Benedict Arnold served in the military and became traitors.

The left pretends whipping up paranoid delusions about police brutality towards Blacks is somehow acceptable. The President has interjected himself into every racial incident and increased the tensions. The Mayor reluctantly had to be dragged kicking and screaming into condemning the bridge assault on NYPD by leftards.  After months of anti cop agitation led by political surrogates of the President and Mayor a deranged punk assassinated to cops.

The media pretends membership in Communist or Anarchist associations is somehow different than White Power groups. The media usually uses the term activist to describe people who belong to these groups. OWS is linked to terrorist plots and  multiple other crimes. It is not a surprise to learn the clown professor in the bridge altercation was involved with OWS.

I support NYPD and the excellent work they do each and every day. There is no excuse for a mayor to trash his own employees. If Warren Wilhelm wants to lead the protests he should resign and allow a competent person to run the city. Last I checked Bill Thompson is still more competent than this clown and does not need to hide behind his sons hairdo for street credibility.

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Mike's America said...

Jonah Goldberg had a good piece on the liberal double standard:

It's almost a cliche to write such a column as we could give examples EVERY WEEK of the double standard.

It's amazing that folks on our side will force a GOP officeholder to resign at the hint of scandal but Dems leave the garbage in the middle of the room to rot.