Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Final Battle

There comes a point where fighting is pointless. You win a battle but there is nothing left worth salvaging. I object to power without morality and talent. I object to nepotism and idioticracy.

A minor personnel matter was blown way out of proportion by a new manager. The matter should have been covered in seconds. Instead I was subjected to a string of over the top verbal abuse that had
Nothing to do with the original matter. At a certain point there is no more fighting.

I stopped the exchange and replayed the highlights. You have labeled me a problem employee learn from an experienced executive what you do with problem employee dump them. I pointed out that I would rather she do it than go up the chain of command. She asked if this was a threat. I pointed out I play fair and want out. Where I go matters not, just out. The previous boss thought this would blow over and tried to communicate. Over the months I kept the communication non existent. I declined multiple attempts to communicate.

I spoke to the big boss and repeated my desire to be moved. I got no desire to fight, but i am willing to go wherever to get away. A new boss has her own people and at best I made my point about my desire to leave. The final battle had little to do with the minor matter at hand. It was the ham handed attempt to vent and put me in my place. I served the previous boss and gave my best out of respect and admiration. These are things that are earned not by the chair itself but by the respect of the person
Who sits in the chair. The chair alone can attract flunkies, but I am no flunky.

I have won my freedom. I will be rejoining a friend who has wanted me on his team for a while. He has earned my respect and best efforts by being a sound leader who respects the public. I am in a new area and have much to learn. My part is to do the best each and every time.

The top boss asked about a former peer promoted. I pointed out while she was part of a crew that did a lot of bad things she never wronged anyone. She did not say this is wron, but it isn't really to be expected. I pointed out a basic truth I learned. One out of three people will be amoral. The second out of the third will have selective morality. Lastly there are those who are bound to hold tight to their beliefs. I learned where I am for better or worse. I pointed out I wasn't smart enough to be flexible. The top boss asked if I would do it again. Look at the price I paid for those beliefs and how the story ended. Your story isn't over quite yet and there are many chapters ahead the rest is up to you. Never regret those fights. Oddly even those you fought have a grudging respect because you always fought fairly and reluctantly.

A new start and a chance to write new chapters is more than most of us get.  I will be serving in a place where I want to be.


Ducky's here said...

I hope this brings you some peace but I'm afraid you're going to have to be more introspective.

beakerkin said...

Actually my escape is the envy of many. In essence my boss abused her authority for a very minor matter. The problem is when you overplay your hand you run the risk of winning a battle but losing the war. She then wanted to back down. The more experienced officers won't work with her. She wants a loyal core but has alienated the staff. At one point we were on good terms. It is only that memory that saved her from very serious charges. Her boss knows I am a gentleman and have no desire to injure her. Her temper caused a move to my new unit but learning new things is okay.