Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mr Big Ego

It is odd that as I depart one of those I trained has forgotten. I left the train at the station when the new
regime was appointed. Being a gentleman, I provided the script for the training and the focus. I recommended a group of people to assume my role. I was clear that I was unwilling to aid the new regime in any way. I would do my job and follow orders, but no more.

Imagine my surprise when one of my students bragged to me about his role in training the new officers. I recommended him for the role and wrote much of the script. I don't usually mind his bragging but this one is humorous. Finally, I reminded him he has the role because I passed the baton on my way out.

The new regime was so upset at this that they demanded my banishment to another unit. When the top boss informed me I told him it's just another mountain to climb. I have much to learn and it will be a while before I am contributing in any meaningful way.

What I find interesting is my upbeat can do temperment is considered a major plus in this area. I will be working with the Kingmaker. The top boss and I went over the numbers. I was surprised that he appeared to be a fan of the core theory. I developed it years back when looking at what we actually do. The theory provides maximum flexibility and a minimum core proficiency.

Oddly an odd topic came up. A peer who has not produced historically is now producing solid numbers. I explained that I threw out conventional methodology to teach this person. Most people don't take the time to see why a person failed. They repeat the same instructions and hope it kicks in. In this case the problem was mental clutter. I decided to use a technique I call anti instruction. Pick out the basics and reduce the task to smaller parts. We learn by doing more with simple guidelines. Work basic cases for a day and build confidence. Then add on as needed and build up. It was more a case of lack of focus and confidence. A can do attitude comes later.

The agency is seeing me in a different perspective. Much is expected of me in the new spot. In the old
Days I was an outlaw. Now I am welcome almost anywhere as someone who can contribute and help achieve goals. More public relations and leadership is expected in this role. The numbers crunching is
and logistics not being forgotten.

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