Thursday, January 29, 2015

Just incredible saying goodbye at work

I am in the process of saying goodbye to friends and peers that have been a part of my life for eight years. Perhaps it is easier because I left the office known as the Sky Palace around six months ago. People who were a part of my life for years were moved around a year ago.

Of the people leaving at least four preceded me barely. This is a clear move by the new chief to rid herself of critics. It is no mistake, her first attempt to flex her muscles got spanked. In the end this move was a face saver. She had no idea I was leaving and the decision for me to join the rest of my team was a last minute action. I went over her head to get out. She was so annoyed, she made zero eye contact.

The top boss asked me and I pointed out that one can remove those who know the incompetence the best, but the basic facts remain. How does one accomplish nothing, leave tons of work and get multiple EEO infractions and get promoted. Top management will often ask about history. I gave a terse response about floor leaders. New ones will emerge, but the old ethic of solving things in house quietly is gone. 

I pointed out that the new boss has a propensity to step on toes. It takes a bit for me to act. When I act it is measurged and behind closed doors. Oddly, I discussed this with a dolt whose trivial complaining 
led to the massacre. I pointed out that when faced with a far greater issues I handled matters in house.
The notion of involving management in personal issues is something I don't do. I am noted for fair play and respected by my foes. 

I was clear that I had no intention of mentoring the new class. I would not perform this role for the new regime and suggested replacements. My opposition was unyielding and the best this person could do was get me to follow orders. My mentoring the new class would be endorsing the changes in management. I handed the script off and allowed others to add to it.

I will miss the vegan who has been the best of friends. I miss so many others who were good friends and peers. I will be rejoining a few peers who made the journey earlier. I don't grasp why this is seen as rounding. There is nothing I am being groomed for. I just get it done wherever the wind takes me.

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