Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Protocols of Poultry

Our antisemitic friend Poultry has a new rant. I am more concerned with the Jewish victims than those at the magazine. The Jewish victims were killed solely because they were Jews. The terrorists were fed a snuff film version of events by the far left media elite.

The victims at the magazine maliciously baited Muslims with the full knowledge of the outcome. The
Material was nowhere near poignant or had any Artistic merrit.


Ducky's here said...

That's right, they exercised free speech and deserved to die just like the kids in Norway.

You're a sick puppy on this one, Beak.

beakerkin said...

Knowingly and maliciously provoking people prone to violence is stupid. On top of this the material in question was sophomoric,

Stupid jerks who lacked common sense and genuine talent sums up the cartoonists amply.

beakerkin said...

Lets do this slowly as you are a stupid Communist. As a communist you are by definition a moral and political criminal with a marginal intellect.

The individual in question was described as a mental defective. Unlike communists those of us in the center obey laws. Communists like yourself rationalize terrorism so long as Joooos or Americans die.

In fact the meeting that the shooting interrupted was pretty much akin to a Hitler youth assembly.
When you are advocating the running of the blockades to support a genocidal terrorist gover

beakerkin said...


Government. When you advocate terrorism against Jews and end up the victim of terrorism yourself it is ironic. No I don't advocate or rationalize the actions of a killer who I have described as a psycho. I also do not mourn or care about Hitler youth victims who had a record of advocating terrorism against
Jews. Communists like yourself are the usual sort that perpetrate this type of violence. Communists also reward themselves with cushy University faculty jobs after their crimes. Unlike Bill Ayers the killer in Norway was not incompetent.

beakerkin said...

As a communist you are responsible for creating an atmosphere where killing Jews simply because of who and what they are is rationalized. The Jews in question were merely buying groceries when an Islamonazi gunned them down.

The cartoonists knowingly and purposely mocked religious icons with juvenile art whose sole intent was to inflame Muslims. Freedom of speech includes pornography as well. The content of the cartoons was political pornography not too far from Der Shturmer minus the exhortation of violence.

Ducky's here said...

I rationalize terrorism? That's a ridiculous statement. Now it is you who rationalizes it as in the case of Anders Breivik.
Opposed to the blockade in Gaza? You're an anti-Semite who deserves to be shot.
Of course Beak doesn't condone terrorism but people have to expect it when they express opinions he doesn't agree with.

Just what makes you think I'm a communist? That's an asinine statement on its face but you right wing loons have your own working meaning.
No question that I support the social welfare state and heavy restrictions on laissez-faire monopolistic capitalism. Is that enough? Let me know.

When did anyone in this chain of affairs ever advocate terrorism against Jews? That's insane but why not explain it?

Ever think that unless you get rid of this insane paranoia you will stay in the sub basement.

beakerkin said...

The blockade of Gaza was on behalf of a terrorist group. This is a fact communists like to forget.

My point unlike yours was not rationalization of a crime. My point was clearly the poetic justice of people rationalizing terror against Jews crying when they get a taste of their own medicine. Given the general boorishness of the left I am surprised these crimes are not more common. The rise of factions opposed to increased immigration in Europe remains a fact.

beakerkin said...

Communists like yourself frequently play word games to avoid their stench. The worship of statism and the familiar obsessions with Jews are a unique feature.

I wish I were in the basement or below. I am on a routine assignment with my team, I will be returning to a new team to captain a project I have been leading. The project allows me to handle items that need to be resolved fast and to back up ops as needed. I will be serving as mentor and instructor to new officers.

The only people that play your particular word game with Semite are communists. The term and popular usage are quite clear enough. Communists who obsess about Jews frequently play a series of word games you are familiar with.

It takes no great deductive skills to discern which one of us is closer in substance to Bill Ayers and Newt Gingrich.

Don't mourn the dead in Norway. It was a crime committed by a psycho. Of corse lefties never learn or grasp poetic justice or irony. Lab rats, dogs and domestic animals have a greater capacity to learn than lefties.

Michael said...

"Don't mourn the dead in Norway."

"In fact the meeting that the shooting interrupted was pretty much akin to a Hitler youth assembly."

Hey, cumwad: these were a couple of the most idiotic and most atrocious things I've seen you write, and that's saying something.

beakerkin said...

Cumwad, I stand by the remark. The activities at the camp included support for a genocidal terrorist group. The deaths at the hand of a deranged psycho are poetic justice.

The left is quite full of rationalizations when Arabs kill Jews. A psycho kills leftists at Hitler Youth Camp and you cry.

The Youth encouraged a genocidal regime aimed at killing Jews. They got a taste of what they advocate for Jews.