Friday, January 16, 2015

Collective Blame

I do not blame all Muslims for terrorism. I do blame the Marxist political elite for stoking and rationalizing terrorism and verbal abuse of Jews.

The media led by a far left band of baboons has stoked the political equivalent of blood libels against Jews and the planets only Jewish state. There is no such ethnicity as a Palestinian. If you don't believe me listen to the folks at ISIS. They may be bloodthirsty and psychotic, but they are more honest than lefties who contrived an ethnicity to advocate Judenfrei real estate.

While I don't blame individual Muslims for terrorism, it is abundantly clear what the terrorists were motivated by. The terrorists were not screaming pumpernickel for all as they committed crimes against humanity.

In reality the left is worried about largely imaginary Islamophobia while creating a Nuremberg type of atmosphere for Jews. There is zero excuse for badgering individual Jews at every meeting. However, if lefties insist upon this then Jews should respond by behaving similarly. Still making excuses for Castro and so forth.


BB-Idaho said...

With the caveat that the Jewish people have been persecuted almost constantly for millennia, we can hardly blame the left. In fact,
US Jews are by far more liberal
than the general populace, are they not? IMO, the problem is
not political or religious, the
problem is with what should be
human decency.

BB-Idaho said...

The Romans rounded up and killed
Jews by the thousands. Christian
crusaders rounded up Jews and killed them by the thousands.
Right wing Nazis did the same,
that time in millions. Suggest
you study history and quit worrying about the 'left'.

beakerkin said...

The Nazis were not exactly right wing in our classic terms.

Actually I do study history. I don't place our current labels on ancients. the labels don't apply.

The left is the primary source of antisemitism on the planet. You can find plenty of articles about this problem.

Moreover, tationaling boorish behavior by pointing out ancient history does not pass a basic logical look at the facts.