Monday, January 19, 2015

Still crying about Norway

The treasonous left is still crying about Norway. At no point have I ever described this as just. The killer was a deranged lunatic who stumbled upon a leftist equivalent of a Hitler Youth Camp. Normal political parties do not hold brainwashing camps.

The camp was promoting breaking the Gaza blockade on behalf of actual terrorist group that advocates genocide against the Jewish people. In a twist of ironic fate those that advocated on behalf of Hammas got a taste of the terrorism they advocate against Jews.

Lefties are full of excuses for terrorism when a fellow leftist or Muslim commits a crime. Kill a cop and should stupid Marxist slogans and flee to Cuba and you can be an icon. Blow yourself up and take out a townhouse and you can demand a faculty job.

The left makes operas about Muslims tossing American Jews in wheelchairs off ocean liners. They pretend the animals who slaughtered Jews in India and France have some sort of legitimate grievance
and rationalize the crimes. The lefties repeat materials lifted from the Protocols, actively promote blood libel type of media coverage and justify Joooo hatred by attempting word games with Zionist and Joooooo.

As these Muslim crimes against humanity against Jews, Christians, gays, cartoonists, Americans and Europeans are becoming more frequent the left is resorting to hashtag and stupid slogans. They want to pretend they are suddenly outraged by barbarism they endorsed and enabled.

Obama is a typical moronic lefty calling his opponents terrorists, while describing actual terrorism as spontaneous protests and workplace violence. He talks about terrorists when they kill cartoonists loudly and remains silent about slaughtered Jews.

Given the crimes of the left, I am surprised that these attacks are not more frequent. Fortunately, with rare exceptions attacks on the left are rare and almost always involve deranged types. Those on the center right respect laws and rights. Unlike lefties we don't hail cop killers on death row as visionaries.


Ducky's here said...

The left makes operas about Muslims tossing American Jews in wheelchairs off ocean liners.

Still whining about that Mr. Free Speech (LMAO)?
The nerve of the writer to think that the Arab point of view can be expressed.

When your not busy filling out the forms and using the girl friend's EBT card to buy turkey bologna for the dog you should get out some and expand your point of view.

Material lifted from the Protocols? Man, you are one delusional case.

Meanwhile, dig a little deeper as you rationalize the murder of 80 kids attending an annual outing. Speaks well of your character.

beakerkin said...

Maybe someone on the right should make an musical about Brevik. Funny I don't think you would talk about the other point of view if racists made an opera about the lynching of Emmit Till.


beakerkin said...

Youth outings is an odd way to describe a Nuremberg style event in support of a genocidal terrorist outfit. Terrorism doesn't bother you when Jews die.

The left got a taste of the behaviors they rationalize when carried out against Jews. You are still crying and haven't learned a thing. Will you demand free speech for a Brevik musical.

Michael said...

Hey, cumwad:

33 of the victims at Utoya were under 18. 17 of them were sixteen or younger, and you're saying that they got what they deserved. What a friggin' monster.

beakerkin said...

The same people don't care when Hamas kills Jews far younger or Hezbollah blows up Jews in Argentina.

You support terror, don't cry when you get a taste of what you rationalize when it happens to Jews or Americans. I shed

Michael said...

"C-Wad's Lament"

You support terror
don't cry
when you get
a taste
of what you rationalize

when it happens
to Jews

I shed

beakerkin said...

You are not too swift even by low communist standards. Cumwad does not apply to reactionaries.

Why should anyone care about people who support terror?

Michael said...

Kids, C-wad. You said that dead kids deserved what they got.

beakerkin said...

Why should we care about those actively supporting terrorism against Jews? If this were a typical Psuedostinian attack, these same types would be dancing in the aisles. The gathering was actively doing events supporting
Challenging the blockade in Gaza. Israel would do the world a favor by sinking the boats.

We have seen what the terrorists were using concrete for. Did you withhold your check to the welfare terrorists for using child labor to dig those tunnels. Plenty of younger children died
But you show no remorse Cumwad. While the bombs were falling Hammas refused to let civilians use them as bomb shelter. Who is purposely driving up the death toll.

Michael said...

So there's a thing that's despicable when people you disagree with do it, but that same thing is great when people you agree with do it. Gotcha. You have the morals and ethics of a baby, cumwad.

beakerkin said...


I don't support terrorism. The folks that got gunned down certainly do. Are you denying what Hammas is?

Terrorist supporters got gunned down by a psycho. Why should anyone care.

Will you attend an Opera about Brevik?