Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lasting Memories

I arrived home in the storm with a bag of groceries and a bucket of chicken. No sooner than I walked in the door the girlfriend yelled about tracking snow in. The daughters best friend was there. I asked the girlfriend what she made. There is enough there. How she knew without looking I didn't know. The dog has been sick  I try to discourage him from sleeping with me in the cold room. I never need a blanket but must use one as the dog needs to be warm.

The adult daughter returns with one of my grandkids. She is already mumbling about gummy bears and watermelon. I left enough comfort food for everyone. My stash of Combos and Cheez Doodles is located. We made hot chocolate with mini marshmallows.

I woke up at one in the morning. I fed the dog some deli meat and went out to shovel. The dog followed me and jumped into my arms. I placed him on my coat near the space heater. His hair is way too short. He loves following me because I treat him like a little buddy. I share my food and take him on my rounds. It's better than being smothered by the females in the house.

I went out early in the morning. I found only Dunkin Donuts was open and got a box of munchkins. How the girlfriend knows I have a Boston Cream donut is unknown. I played with the grandkid in the snow. It was her first storm. I had some Campbell's Chunky soup with Goldfish as croutons and slept.

I awoke to my girlfriend yelling about some odd items. She put them into a wet Indian soup with the remainder of the bucket of chicken. The girlfriend was screaming at me not to touch the bag. I had General Tso's Chicken in the bag. She portioned it out and we all shared a meal. The dog seams more like himself sneaking the chicken out of my soup.

It was a pleasant day with many warm memories. These are family times that many will remember. My daughter still talks fondly of our first storm together. We walked home from school with the dog.
We had to warm him in the sink because his fur had ice.

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