Thursday, January 01, 2015

Spending the New Year with Felix and Oscar

We sadly lost Jack Klugman and the only people left alive from this series is Al Molinaro and Penny Marshal. I enjoy the show immensely. The antics of Felix and Oscar are pure comedic genius. We even did s parody on this site starting Felix Poultry. I recognize the buildings in outdoor shots it is a nice trip down memory lane.

I spoke to an old mentor from the resort hotel days. I am amazed that the season guests still maintain contact with each other after two decades. I check up on him from time to time. I really should have invited him here. In his case he was more than a member of the staff. He was part of these families lives as children grew to adults. I should have invited him for the new year.

The parties are rough on the small dog. He stays by my side all evening. The poor little guy is terrified. I was going to run out and get more food but  the little guy needed me around. Now I wonder who would eat the Turkey Bologna I save for him as a treat.

Happy New Year.

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Mike's America said...

Happy New Year Beakerin and THANK YOU for all the help you have been this past year in keeping the left wing moonbats at bay.

I'm planting my spring garden with hopes that 2015 is a better year than the one before. Call me an optimist because I refuse to believe things could get any worse!