Sunday, January 18, 2015

Junk Food News

Long term readers know I love my Wise Chips. They are increasingly more difficult to find these days. I also share a space with multiple females. The Pringles and Lays canned chips are easier on me. As the kids open them and can seal them. I still like the taste of Wise products better. I just can't find them and the kids prefer the Pringles or even better Lays Stacks.

My favorite salted food is Cheez Doodles by Wise. They are in a class by themselves up until now. The puffed Goldfish by Pepperidge Farms are almost as good. I was pleasantly surprised at the vastly improved taste of the Goldfish products. Maybe it's a product of me aging, but suddenly they appeal to me. My daughter asked for them and they are oddly popular with the toddlers.

Since the rest of my family is Hindu, I am limited on the deli products to poultry. The Turkey Bologna is pretty much purchased as a snack for the dog. Unfortunately, the toddlers like it as well and the dog can taste the difference between brands. He goes crazy for Butterball and will only accept
other brands if he is very hungry. He will nibble on cheese and seems to like mozzarella.

I actually don't bake and items like baking powder are unfamiliar. As a joke I purchased some Ajax and the girlfriend had a great laugh. Sometimes she doesn't recognize things and if a product doesn't advertise on Wheel of Fortune she doesn't understand. I purchased some Tide laundry Pods because I am way too lazy. She figured the use of that product quickly and rarely uses liquid. I was old school with the powder.

Now I tend to buy stock in the companies I buy consumer goods from.  There are a whole range of excellent companies. Sometimes when brads are sold I own both seller and buyer.

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