Saturday, January 03, 2015

The Pomeranian is gone

The girlfriend misses him but I don't. He was viscious and evil and would bite the hand that fed him.
He could not be trusted around family members and would attack without warning. He charged me from under the bed and sliced my hand. I was about to stomp him but he ran to the girlfriend.

From that moment  the relationship soured. If I fed the maltese I gave him scraps as well but the Maltese eats first. I ended the reign of terror by creating an impromptu boxing glove from a towel and
An ace bandage. He charged me three times and I sent him flying three times. After the third time he went under the bed. He would bare his teeth and I would reach for a towel and he would flee.

We have had various dogs including a pit bull. The Pomeranian was the only one I hated or attacked me. Usually they learn from the Maltese who sleeps by my side. I also protect the dogs from the small kids as I sleep. The other dogs would even sleep in other parts of the bed.

Somehow the Pomeranian is gone and I hope he stays gone. Let some other family endure this viscious dumb dog.


Ducky's here said...

But the Pomeranian always speaks well of you.

Where did the poor thing go?

beakerkin said...

Out in the rain and couldn't find any sign. Hopefully somebody stupid will take him in. He has been viscious since day one.

I am the only person he won't bite. Normally get away from the kid works. When I am supervising young kids he is moved to another room.

Hope we never find him.

Always On Watch said...

A lot of Pomeranians are vicious. I'm not fond of 'em.