Sunday, January 11, 2015

Little sympathy for the French

It is hard to find a French politician who does not reflexively loathe the USA. Sarkozy was an exception to the pattern of obnoxious behavior. Israelis face this type of mayhem daily. Meanwhile the French championed Arafat.

The cartoonists in question  were not champions of free speech. The cartoons were profane and deliberately vulgar. There is a difference between well crafted satire and a gratuitous attempt to inflame various groups. The cartoonists did not deserve to die, but they are not heroes.

France and many in the left play a stupid game with Jews. If you disagree with Israeli policy this does. not legitimize abuse of fellow Jewish citizens. You leave the old world garbage behind when you emigrate.

Now there has been plenty of bs about Islamophobia. There are idiotic campaigns not to blame the Muslim up the block after every terrorist attack. Most of us are polite enough not to need this advice. I pointed out to a Muslim coworker these stupid attacks damage Islam worse than Pam Geller.

It is time that the rest of us tell lefties and their Muslim buddies to grow up. You don't have a special license to annoy your neighbors. Just like it is bad form to bait Muslims after every attack, the left needs to learn basic manners.


Ducky's here said...

Ridiculous nonsense coming from the persons who supported Anders Brevik and felt that 77 unarmed Norwegians deserved death (your own words).

"You don't have a special license to annoy your neighbors."
Yeah, unless you're Likud.

Anyway, the situation in France has roots more in the Algerian War.

Back to the forms, Beak. You need to learn both basic manners and basic history. You really are ignorant.

beakerkin said...

Let's do this slowly. I did not support Brevik. However, given the antics of the Labor Party one can say it is the chickens comming home to roost. Don't rationalize terror against Jews and cry when mental defectives

beakerkin said...
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beakerkin said...

Practice it on you.

Your remark is typical of communist anti Semitic obsessions. You don't get to abuse your neighbors because they belong to an offensive ethnicity or political party. If that were true communists would be lynched daily for the crimes against humanity practiced by the children of treason.

beakerkin said...

The excuse about the Algerian war is BS. The individiuals were born decades after the war ended. The antisemitic butcher was from Africa, not Pseudostine.

Ducky's here said...

It is time that the rest of us tell lefties and their Muslim buddies to grow up.

Muslim buddies? You're hallucinating.

But it is time we tell fringe right Rudy republicans that supporting the assassin of 77 unarmed civilians is unacceptable.
They deserved it because you felt they somehow offended Likud? Buy a clue, Beak.

French Muslims are largely Algerian and they have been isolated in French society.
If you freaking noticed, you clown, there were three shooters. I know that the staff at the magazine office don't count in your mind because they weren't Jewish but others disagree.

His girl friend, who is also wanted is Algerian. So three out of four.

You are as demented as ever, Beak. It does you no good.