Friday, January 30, 2015

The Tank

I was banished from my area to a new section. I have been through multiple changes in Chiefs and survived. The first one was easy as that regime made my reputation so bad escape was impossible. Now during regime two my reputation started to get rehabilitated. In regime three I was a key member of the team. There is a new regime and my entire team was banished. What makes this unusual is this is the actual crew of the person promoted. We have watched an ignorant, lazy, incompetent butt kisser get promoted.

In my case she tried to flex her muscles at my expense. The result was a beat down of epic proportions. It was hoped that removal of those officers familiar with her incompetence and laziness would get a better team. I pointed this out and warned that this person is short of ideas and shorter on details. Writing a mission statement is empty rhetoric. Solving problems and development of staff is much harder. The students I left behind will need to carry my baton.

I am in a new unit. It is good to be somewhere where it is run by functional adults. The new boss has always asked for me to be transferred as he thinks I have a lot left in the tank. I cautioned that I am here to learn and it will be a while before I am functional. This is a different area and my public speaking abilities will be ultilized. Normally, I would write the speeches for others. I was floored when the bosses had me perform my own material. Then again I did not have to read from a page as I
Crafted the words I could look at the crowd.

My skill set is fairly unusual and was not really noticed until now. Part of the problem with bullying is that even after it ends you are never rehabilitated. I was denied opportunities that my performance warranted.

Several younger officers I trained when they passed through are looking forward. I reminded them I have much to learn and am up to the task. It is ironic that when the changes I fought for became the norm I was banished elsewhere. My blueprints are on the training, but it will be left to my students to make those visions reality.

Logically, I was supposed to return to a former boss. This boss told me that I would not be on clinical work. She wanted me back on the front lines leading and dealing with the operations. She didn't like my being assigned to warehouse style work. The new boss in my old area killed that idea as I would likely lead projects and initiatives that would be involved with her people.

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