Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lawyer Culture in NYC

It is easy to dislike Sheldon Silver. He is quiet and manipulated the system for his own benefit. Silver is a part of a problem when we let lawyers rule machine politics. I don't know that Silver is a genuine progressive. More than likely he runs in a far left district and says just enough to feed him moon at constituents.

Silver did wrong and should be accordingly punished. Of course the larger problems will remain long  after Silver is gone. Machine politics in a one party state  seem to encourage this type of arrogance.

I am for letting him resign admit his guilt and a very short stint in jail. The problem is larger than one man.


Ducky's here said...

Yeah, the guy's a beauty.

Eliot Spitzer was sniffing around and all of a sudden we have a "sex scandal".
An anti corruption investigation gets nosy and that punk Andrew Cuomo disbands the committee.

For once the Justice Dept. did the right thing going after this clown.

beakerkin said...

Silver is a product of the system.

beakerkin said...

You can jail the man but the system remains.
I wouldn't be so fast to call the man a low life.
He hasn't really done more than line his pockets.

He is an opportunist and will be replaced by the same. I will take Andy Cuomo over Mayor Pothead.

We need tort reform. Speaking of tort reform, who played huge payments to the Central Park Five and a political buddy.