Friday, January 02, 2015

Not taking crap from lefties

I have decided to give lefties a taste of their own meds. In the case of familiar blogs the rampant claims of racism to anyone who opposes Obama have become absurd. These same claims are made by people who frequently describe Black Conservatives in Racist terms.

I am not nor have I ever been a Conservative. By most standards I would be described as a Patriotic liberal. Unlike today's liberals, I am second to none in my opposition to Communism. I also respect private property and don't care for endless entitlements.

I have never heard a bigoted word about Jews or anyone else at a TEA Party event. Aside from the odious Ron Paul types, there isn't much objectionable at a TEA Party rally. They respect police and don't even litter. Some may question if birtherism is racial. I don't see it in those terms, but that would
be as close as one gets at a visit to a TEA party event.

It takes zero effort to find Antisemititic themes in any gathering of lefties. Israel alone is held to absurd standards and scrutiny and other states are ignored. A typical exchange on another blog asked a commenter if he was Jewish. Another who cries racism about any criticism of Obama uses the N word to describe Carson.

In general I seldom even discuss Israel or Jews unless lefties insist on bringing up this subject or are making asinine claims about Conservative Racism. There is a small element that indeed does have issues, but they are not mainstream. In fact much the ethos of conservatism is individualism and a rejection of group rights garbage.

Pretty much every TEA Party assembly is concerned with domestic policies. As they are on message the group does not venture into foreign policy much. The media made a huge story when allegedly one member of the TEA party allegedly used the N word. The same media largely ignored repeated ties of OWS members to terrorism, display after display of crass anti Semitic rhetoric and now exhortation of violence against law officers.

I disagree with Conservatives about plenty but we share a respect for our country and its legal traditions. Thus when AOW or Mike and I discuss a social issue it is quite different in tone or substance with the Marxist Duck. Even on the rare instances I agree with the Duck my tone is very different.

The left is a disturbing and disturbed lot of political cultists. In general I don't visit foreign sites and lecture people about their leaders and policies.  We have an abundance of foreigners who think they are experts in American politics based on reading Huffington and the Guardian. A typical example of this is the mendicant Elroy who lectures two Americans very familiar with Ethics training about federal Ethical Standards. Anyone familiar with the basic training provided to all Federal Employees grasps the laws broken by Lois Lerner. The fact Lerner is a lawyer makes these crass violations worse, but our overseas experts know more than people who took the course multiple times.

Now lefties have been upset over my description of Communism as a religion. This is not a novel idea and the reality of this pathology renders all ties to citizenship and ethnicity moot. Marx himself had converted to another faith. One does not consider people who practice another faith Jewish unless
one is a Nazi and defines it in racial terms. Then again those who go looking for Jews everywhere such as Ruppert Murdoch have decided issues. The same people who rail about any hint Obama might be Muslim go through hoops and ladders looking for Jews in Murdoch's family.

Much of the canned response of lefties about the Jewish community is a melange of incoherent mishmash of terms that is comedic to a member of the actual community.

Response to claims of antisemitic biases of lefties.

1) Trot out Jewish communists or fringe religious cults who are considered pariahs in the community.
   A) Communists are not Jews once they sign onto another faith. Cardinal OConnor had Jewish DNA
But the Cardinal was not Jewish in practice. The Cardinal was a true man of class and would have treated the information as an honor to be closer to Christ.

 2) Question the patriotism of Jews and go off on diatribes about secret cabals and all powerful lobbies.
    A) Commies questioning anyone's patriotism is hysterical given their history.  After 9-11 the familiar Jewish conspiracies ran rampant among the left. Gather any group of lefties and inevitably they start venturing off into Jewish conspiracies. Even the naive David Graeber of OWS fame said the talk of Zionist Bankers was regrettable.

3). Insert Israel into anything or classic Zionism is Nazism

a) NYPD uses Israeli tactics as said by Donkey er Ducky. Throw rocks at any armed guy and it doesn't end well. Commies should have learned this at Kent State. Better yet go to Cuba and try this out and pray the vaunted health care myth will save you.

Lefties have ample bigotries of their own and should avoid calling others racists when their own bigotries are so blatant.


Always On Watch said...

There were a few right wing fringies at 9/12 march in 2009. Very few. They didn't have any traction with the crowd as the fringies went around to distribute literature and DVD's. Most protesters refused the material. I was one of those who refused the package being passed around by 2 fringies.

Ducky's here said...

Why all th anger, Beak?

They move you to the sub basement at work?

beakerkin said...

I am tired of the self righteous bigots who point their finger at everyone else.

I wish I was in the sub basement. It is cool down there.