Sunday, February 01, 2015


I am starting a new adventure. Rather than be targeted for more nonsense from an incompetent boss I walked. It wasn't  easy but after eight years I am entitled to write my own ending. I would have appreciated a send off. However, we don't get all we want.

The younger officers in the new unit are excited about the arrival of my team. I left the old group and told them I pass the baton. I couldn't carry it anymore for the new regime. My whole team was viewed as hostile to the new regime. My banishment was supposed to be to a related unit. There I would have worked for my old boss. The new boss is so hostile she wanted me to travel out with my team.

The new boss is a fan of mine for years. When he worked in my area, I did many quick reports for him. In reality the numbers part of my tool set is likely more valuable. However, the focus here is on public relations and communications. There is plenty of officer work but it is not as critical. The focus here is different. Chiefs have team members and supporting cast. My reputation is I am a key team member. However, I cautioned there is much to learn. Those who are familiar with my skill set are under the impression the transition will be swift.


Ducky's here said...

I hope it goes well for you and you achieve some satisfaction.

beakerkin said...

In my case the agency sees my skill set differently. I will still be doing officer work. The non officer work is more crucial here.

I did not agree to join the new bosses team. I elected to return to normal officer status. The new officer training program is heavily influenced by my training program.

beakerkin said...

The new manager is more interested in my ability to communicate and speak in public. I can expect a steady diet of quantitative analysis and project work. I am very much a member of the new team.