Sunday, February 08, 2015

It's about class

I am not nor have I ever been a Christian. I admire the teachings of Christ and the dignified manner its faithful servants conduct themselves. The exception to this rule is the blasphemous followers of liberation theology. The followers of that madness are Marxists seeking to undermine Churches in the name of a death cult.

There is a time and place for criticism. The comments of Obama at a religious meeting are part of the low class arrogance and monumental stupidity of a failed President. Even if his comments contained accurate historical commentary this was not the correct venue. Fortunately, Christians who are serious about their fate suffer fools and imbeciles better than Muslims

Islam was spread by the sword since its inception. It has a record of Jim Crow style abuses that are a matter of fact. That being said I have never met a patriot who does not grasp the mistreatment of Indians and Slaves are a part of our history. However, I have yet to read a Muslim not named Stephen Schwartz acknowledge that Muslims did mistreat others. Usually, a stupid lefty will point out that crimes in Europe against Jews were greater. The logic of rationalizing the mistreatment of Jews by saying others treated them worse does not pass a basic logic test.

There are plenty of decent Muslims. However, they are not perpetual victims and are historically more prone to behaviors that mistreat others. The Crusaders committed crimes against Jews. The Crusades were a response to Muslim colonial aggression. There were plenty of abuses on both sides.
One does not discuss the Crusades without acknowledging the colonial spread of Islam.

Now I would not deliver a lecture about the low points in Islamic history in a Mosque filled with Imams. Nor is denying that those who commit crimes in the name of Allah are Muslims a rational strategy. I am perplexed about the use of snuff films. The purpose of those films seems only to antagonize everyone else on the planet. Death is a part of life, but maliciously using painful methods on film hurts the cause they seek to promote.

Moreover, if you have to go back hundreds of years you are essentially conceding the point. The President is too immersed in Marxist idiocy to grasp the fundamental fact that Christianity is the building block of the Western Civilization we enjoy and he abhors.


Always On Watch said...

Moreover, if you have to go back hundreds of years you are essentially conceding the point.

That reality is lost on Obama and his minions.

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