Monday, February 23, 2015

Mike Lupica failed Sportswriter and poor Richard Cohen Epigone

Mike Lupica was a failure as a sports writer. He never had the style of Klapisch, the talent of Dick Young or the knowledge of a Myers, Vescey or any other beat writer. I could name a dozen more but the point had been made. Along the way he decided he would be a failed version of Keith Olberman.

Pretty much he writes Richard Cohen reject pieces in the Daily News. Lupica has never shown an ounce of original thought in any endeavor.

Pretty much it is the Obama line. A total non entity declares the recent Rudy remarks are an attempt to remain relevant. Of course addressing when and where Obama has demonstrated a love for this country and its traditions is impossible. The economy is a mess. The jobs numbers are not reflective of a higher unemployment rate as people have stopped looking. Obama launched club 29 so employers could dodge his signature policy.

Obama has a penchant for bizarre apologies and omissions. While the USA has wronged Native Americans and Black Slaves the apology in Cairo was a head scratcher. We has no colonial possessions in the area. Perhaps Muslims should apologize to the indigenous Jews and Christians of the region for Jim Crow antics. When and were did a head of State apologize for 9-11. There was some Arab who offered money after a verbal tirade about the USA. Rudy stood on principle and told the lout to keep his money. Don't hold your breath waiting for Obama to demonstrate that he has a spine.

Lupica can not state a single fact that Rudy presented that was incorrect. His families political proclivities were well known. His mother was a far left moonbat. He had a Communist mentor.  His friends just happen to be 60s radical terrorists. He attends a racist antisemitic church led by an insane Pastor who hates America. As for any service to America by Pastor Wright, Benadict Arnold and Julius Rosenberg served but it does not mitigate later actions.

Lupica claims to be a New Yorker. He must be so divorced from reality that he has never set foot in Union Square or Tompkins and spoken to the imbecile Communist activists. Any conversation with the Code Pinkos or OWS clowns that are Obama soulmates reveal a pathological hatred for the USA and virulent antisemitism. Rudy knows this city because he walks its streets.

Has the failed sportswriter forgot Hillary and Warren Wilhelm got booed in sports venues. Funny Rudy appears all the time at those events to applause. We are still looking for John Kerry's favorite player Manny Ortiz. Last I heard he was placing a case of Hebrew Nationals in the freezer of a bodega in Washington Heights.

The truth is that Rudy remains more relevant to NYC types than the elitist clods Lupica tries to curry favor with.  What does Prep School Obama know about public schools? What does Obama know about working a real job? Does Warren Wilhelm know about working a real job? Even Mike Bloomburg is more in touch with the common man than the Lupica elites.

The truth is Lupica is a talentless hack seeking to suck up to his airhead elites. He can not refute the comments of Ridy so he attacks the messenger. If you have no facts attack the messenger. If you have no facts or talent, then you are Mike Lupica.

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Ducky's here said...

Rudy is a performing monkey who needs to act stupid every so often to stay in the public eye.

He's as relevant as Sarah Palin.

Stick a fork in him. All he's good for is preaching to the nuts on the fringe.