Saturday, February 28, 2015

Just write a fatwa for this rant

No great shock that Jihadi John was a product of Western University culture. The Marxist fetish of turning Muslims into perpetual victims is not healthy for Muslims not building a future. The fact that any rational look at Islamic history shows plenty of unflattering chapters where Muslims abused a range of people and are well versed in colonialism.

The Marxist rationalizations about terrorism also do not help Muslims. Just as there is no excuse for a
Lunatic to shoot kids in Norway there is zero rationalizations that are acceptable for massacring others anywhere. That being said I have zero sympathy for the Norway victims who advocated terror against Jews. Given the typical irresponsible and frequently treasonous behavior of the left it is amazing how rare these counter reactions occur.

Advocates of ISIS are pure losers. They are the punchline to a series of life's jokes. They can't build happy lives so the freaks embrace a death cult.


Ducky's here said...

He studied computer programming so he is a "product of Western university culture". The IT dept. gave him the terrorist training, Your thought is stunning in its lack of depth,

The teenagers in Norway were doing nothing to advocate terror against Israel. You're a liar.

beakerkin said...

Except that the group in question was doing exercises aimed at reenacting breaking the Gaza blockade you might be right.

Those who advocate terrorism for others die at the hands of a terrorist, poetic justice,

beakerkin said...

The proliferation of Muslim victimology groups at the same university must elude you. Even computer science majors must take plenty of victimology classes.

Antisemitic Kayla Mueller was a Poli Science major. Got what she deserved from those cute and cuddly Muslims who are victims.

Ducky's here said...

Has anyone from the Norwegian group been present on a ship trying to break the Gaza blockade?
Does running the blockade constitute terrorism?

No, you're delusional just as you were when you yammered about the antisemitic nature of OWS.

You see antisemitic everywhere. Probably had something to do with your fake workplace bullying claim.

Everything is antisemitic. Kayla Mueller did humanitarian work in both Israel and Palestine and somehow this makes her antisemitic in your rather twisted world view.
And careful about whining about victimhood. Israelis are the absolute masters of that scam.

But go ahead and laugh and go back to pretending that filling some kid with junk food makes you a father.

beakerkin said...

The activities of breaking the blockade at the Hitler youth camp were as described. There probably were people from the Norwegian Labor Party on the boats. Israel should have done us a favor and sank the boats.

Mueller was an antisemitic clod who had no issues going where she doesn't belong. She was not appointed by the government. No doubt you would be singing another tune about a righty who went to your crack den in Caracas.
Cuba has jailed people for imagined infractions.

Michael said...

Well, that rant is one of the most insane ramblings I've ever read. Congratulations.

beakerkin said...

As a commie it is over your IQ capacity. Years of spoiled over educated sociopaths like Bill Ayers playing Elmer Fudd wevelutionary should have prepared you.

The ISIS poster boy was radicalized not in Egypt or Saudi Arabia but by the PC left educational system in the UK.

Michael said...

Every person you don't like is a communist. Every position you don't like on any issue is antisemitic. It doesn't matter what the topic is; those are your default positions. It's nuts, is what it is.