Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Problem with Marxist Worldview

The problems with Obama start with and end with his adoption of Marxist philosophy. When Obama refuses to link Islam to terror. It starts with the belief that Muslims are victims. Any serious look at Islamic history shows this to be laughable. The notion that Jews have oppressed Muslims given the actual history is as preposterous as Black slaves oppressing their plantation owners. At this point communists rationalize the abuse of Jews by pointing to worse abuses elsewhere. Logically, this does not stand up to even basic scrutiny.

Obama has no conception of the basis of immigration. Obama sees this as a divine right by people oppressed by the United States. The rest of us understand the historic context of immigration following a set of rules. While Obama talks about getting tough on criminals, he sets the bar higher so almost nobody gets deported.

Marxists are not suited to elected office as they do not respect power. The abuses of the IRS are part and parcel of a Diet Hugo tactic of harrasing political foes.


BB-Idaho said...

Guess you would be well qualified to explain
why US Jews have voted overwhelmingly Democrat since
Harding caused the Great Depression?

beakerkin said...

Blaming large events on one specific person is something we don't do. There are plenty of theories as to what caused and exacerbated the Great Depression.

The Jewish vote is an oddity. There was an element of rejection of country club Jew hatred.
Country Club Jew Hatred is almost a novelty act
and would be considered quaint. It has been replaced by the leftist almost Nazi obsessive variant that is familiar to anyone in higher Ed.

The truth is also that when one ascribes to a communist or Marxist philosophy one has subscribed to another religion and declared themselves Unamerican. You see this in much of the odd policies of Obama. Obama did not live in a Black household until he got married.
This element of the community was not actually
jewish in substance or practice.

As jews lived in states that were Democratic it should follow they would tend to be Democratic as well. Obama and the toxic higher Ed situation has made the local NYC chapter of the young Republican crowd one third Jewish.

When I signed on it was novel. I was serious about the Cold War.

Ducky's here said...

Your reply is incomprehesible.

You need an editor.

beakerkin said...

It is above your IQ level.