Sunday, February 15, 2015

As the lefties lie

There has been an effort on the left to strip the motivation for the massacre in Paris. We are to believe this was random crime. The killers screaming Allah Ahkbar were not real Muslims. Now we have a shooting at a Jewish house of worship in Europe. Is this latest episode just an argument over sports teams that got out of hand.

Sorry lefties but non stop demonization of Jews and word games with Zionism produced this mess. One does not have the right to bring their old world ignorance and bigotry to a modern society. Of course when lefties talk about Jewish cabals and need to get in the face of Jews.

It is long past time for Jews to hold Obama allies like Charles Schumer accountable for the actions of Obama.


Mike's America said...

That "random" comment from Obdumbo really illustrated the depths to which he is willing to go to avoid dealing with the reality of the problem.

Former UN Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick gave a great speech to the GOP convention in 1984 where she declared that the response from the left to every challenge around the globe was to "BLAME AMERICA FIRST."

That thinking is still alive and well.

Also, I'm beginning to see how much Obdumbo is trying to appease Iran and how he will cede U.S. influence in Iraq and the Middle East to Iran.

BB-Idaho said...

I guess they have bypassed the
liberal politicians. Netanyahu
speaks only to the GOP congress.
We note, however that a majority of US and Israeli Jews disagree .
Which is not surprising, since
the far right among them consists
of Frummies or Ultra-Orthodox, who
neither serve in the IDF, nor work for a living...they just
make a lot of noise.

Ducky's here said...

Who the hell is blaming America for the Paris and Copenhagen shootings? Quit being a jerk.

Now it is true that we have an indirect responsibility after invading Iraq. One of the most idiotic foreign policy decisions in our history but let that go.

Our influence in the Middle East has bee a disaster.

The reality of the problem is how to manage the Wahabi freaks in Saudi Arabia.

beakerkin said...

A leader of a sovereign state is bound by his perception of national interests. Obama is done and has pushed all types of people into the GOP with his arrogance.

BB-Idaho said...

All types were already there:
gun nuts, ultra rich, fundamental Christians, tax dodgers & fascist wannabees.