Friday, February 27, 2015

Beakerkin Catch phrases

The other day I was floored when my daughter repeated one of my classic catch phrases "God hates me". It comes up every now and then. Usually at a key moment I utter that one. The a nasty boss added he hates me too. I pointed out no the person that hates you is closer to home.

A classic to the hated boss was the previous boss filled the chair you just occupy it.

About the same boss. At a wedding she wants to be the bride and at a funeral she wants to be the corpse.

Classic one delivered to same boss

I've been blown up at the WTC twice, been on the Ferry that crashed, hit by a car and in countless industrial accidents. All of them are preferable that listening to you bandy buzzwords into incoherent sentences, feign expertise on work you never did and brag about numbers you had nothing to do with.

Don't bother me I am Guyanese

Don't get even, get Guyanese.

You can't fix stupid.

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Anonymous said...

Nor arrogance!