Thursday, February 12, 2015

True love and fried chicken

One of the things lawyers enjoy about working with me is the ability to crack jokes with regular folks and corporate types. We had a model at my desk and she asked me about true love. I told her it was true. I had met a woman of timeless beauty who was into arts and letters. Alas it came down to a love triangle between her and that other love of mine a bucket of fried chicken. Alas the love of my life made me an ultimatum. It was her or that bucket of chicken. I chose the bucket of chicken.

Dumbfounded the model said "you traded eternal happiness for a bucket of chicken".

I pointed out it was no ordinary chicken. It was Popeyes and there were a few biscuits in there as well.

Actually, my two deal breakers are vegetarianism and Marxism. Vegans should try this experiment. Do not bring up the subject until date four. See if you have built up enough chemistry to withstand your divisive choices. It would help if you did not lecture others about your lifestyle choice.

This may sound odd to Duncy but I am frequently mistaken for a man of the left. I have no tollerance for social justice freaks. I am happy to work with Community Activists helping various types of  people. However, when dealing with lefties it boils down to obsession with Jews.


Ducky's here said...

What's a social justice freak. Someone you disagree with?

I have to congratulate you. You almost made it through a post without bringing up your own sick obsession with Jews.

Ducky's here said...

... where did you get your obsession with bad food?

Mike's America said...

I've never had Popeyes. No need, there is usually a KFC nearby.