Saturday, February 07, 2015

On Citizenship

I want to talk about a different generation. My grandfather was part of a very different group of immigrants. Immigration today is largely about economics even in the Asylum area. It is rare that one gets people who are coming to the country for its ideals

Citizenship was magical to a person fleeing persecution. The notion of being allowed to live freely as Jews was a dream to many Eastern Europeans. Citizenship tests were far tougher and the English tests were challenging. Passing the test was a dream and Citizenship certificates were as prized as College Degrees.

Now citizenship is still important today. However, the love of the country and its ideals are not motivational factors in the immigration process. Today's immigrants are largely economic and arrive with open hands out. Many show zero respect for the laws and traditions of this country. This is the Obama doctrine where immigration is just another hand out.


Mike's America said...

You nailed the problem. There is no drive to assimilate to American society. People come here and immediately take residence in some ghetto of their former past. Look at the Somali Muslim enclaves in Minnesota!

The left would say that expecting people to assimilate or "become" American is racist and we should embrace their right to live a multicultural life. That is utter stupidty and only breeds division and resentment long term.

Bobby Jindal had an interesting take on assimilation recently:

1. Don’t disparage anyone else’s race or ethnicity.

2. Respect women.

3. Learn to speak English.

4. Be polite.

5. Don’t break the law.

6. Don’t have children out of wedlock.

7. Don’t demand anything because of your race or ethnicity.

8. Don’t view working and studying hard as “acting white.”

9. Don’t hold historical grudges.

10. Be proud of being an American.

Liberals would go absolutely NUTS if we tried to make those conditions for residence here.

Michael said...

"Liberals would go absolutely NUTS if we tried to make those conditions for residence here."

Based solely on #2 and #4, you'd be deported immediately.