Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Pure Criminality

ISIS is a criminal enterprise and the purpose of these snuff films is known only to the idiots who run that outfit. Burning captives alive for entertainment is a sick act. Any Westerner found to have fought with ISIS should be prosecuted immediately for treason. After watching these snuff films I have no concerns about GITMO or whatever.

I do admire Strphen Schwartz. He cares about his faith and has a love for America and its traditions. He notes the political dimensions of the radicals within the history of Islam. Oddly if one wants straight talk about Islam it is more likely to come from a Sufi than from a politician.

Claiming Islam has nothing to do with the actions of ISIS is dishonest. However ignoring the political
Aspects of these groups is also dishonest. In essence the actions of ISIS are a branding strategy of a criminal/political group. Musliims themselves need to deal with what the impact of snuff films made in the name of their faith means.

When one talks with Muslims of faith and violence it is a different conversation. The conversation with Schwartz is moot as he has consistently been against gratuitous bloodshed for no purpose. How the  faith of Islam is furthered by burning a Muslim alive is known only to the diseased minds of ISIS
Is unknown.

The problem is we don't have enough voices of reason like Schwartz and have too many who speak in riddles.


Ducky's here said...

Schwartz hasn't written anything of importance for over a decade and some would argue he never has.

His goals seem to be:

1. Present a version of Islam that is acceptable to the West regardless of its legitimacy.

2. Rehabilitate the neocons and their blunders.

3. Offer no real answers to the spread of Wahhabism and Egyptian extremism.

4. Justify the Iraq fiasco.

He is a cheap polemicist and not a scholar and has no real contemporary following or influence.
Why you feel he is the ultimate voice on these latest barbaric hours is beyond me.

Always On Watch said...

I watched the entire film of the burning alive of the Jordanian pilot. I didn't sleep well that night! Rare for me.

What I saw, including the way the film was produced, was indeed a snuff film.