Saturday, February 07, 2015

When You Have To Talk

One of the reasons that I am respected by my foes is that I play fair. I do not try and injure my opponents who deserve this. I try and get things done on the lowest level possible, My psycho boss had her BFF attempt to do me dirty on the way out. I warned the best friend I would reluctantly go over her head.

Reluctantly, I did ask for a meeting with the top boss. I explained that there is a difference between ordinary office spats and workplace bullying. I spoke briefly about the highlights of my mistreatment and my desire to leave this team. I pointed out this was a very unusual and severe case. The top boss is well aware of my reputation for excellent work with the public and my dedication to helping those who are disabled.

Most officers fear the top boss. I have no such fear and communicate quite well. I got my point across and our director has zero tolerance for workplace bullying. The record indicated I was quite vocal in my protests and went through the chain of command with no relief.

I explained, I am unopposed to my redeployment to a different section. I recognize the right of the new Chief to form her own team. I support this decision, but request a move to another team. My request was granted and I will be sent back to the CSU and join a different team in the same unit. I am no longer a member of what management refers to as the dream team. I am now a rookie officer on an established team in another area. The new team is not highly rated. However, they know their job and have been doing it for decades.

The new section where I have landed is enthusiastic about the arrival of my old team. The team will be pitching in full time. The new Chief in my old area needed to rid herself of this unit of hardcore opponents. I was very clearly opposed and not amenaable to compromise or intimidation. In fact this Cheif has gotten a bloody nose for picking a fight. I was supposed to remain and train the new officers. I refused to do anything more than provide a script and suggest others for that role.

I assured the new cowokers I will be returning after another rotation. My transition to this new unit will be smothed by joining an established team, albeit not nearly as highly rated. The team I leave is still highly rated but will be supplemented by a rookie who hopefully shows promise and respects the more senior members of the team. The officers on that team can do almost any task. Unfortunately, development of an effective team is more than a product of crunching numbers. The history of the individuals involved are genuine factors. The officers I had issues with were revealed to be highly over rated. The previous Chief made zero effort to retain their services.

Reputations are earned through effort and sometimes association. In this case their reputation was a product of nepotism and following orders blindly. Mine was more difficult to explain. I was affiliated with those teams, but widely known for my opposition to its tactics. I built a reputation with the subsequent administrations based upon numbers and my abilities to communicate and solve problems. They had peaked and mine was built as my views became mainstream. Along the way a new administration was formed and sought to build its own team. I had no desire to work with that administration and could not be coaxed or intimidated into changing my mind. I embraced being banished but wanted away from the incompetent divas.

I got my freedom from the Old Cheif. I also got to get away from toxic incompetent hacks who are prone to backstabbing peers who have zero respect for the public.

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