Monday, February 02, 2015

Rookie all over again

I am perplexed by the celebration of the officers of my arrival in the new unit. The officers are quite happy at the arrival of my team. I am not exactly happy with the addition to our team that was very highly regarded.

The team was sent due to its intransigence towards its former supervisor who has since been promoted. How one merrits a promotion after losing control and the respect of the team is totally unknown. Furthermore, the previous supervisor had no such difficulties and that team was singled out
By other supervisors as the dream team.

Now I am a rookie all over again. I will be learning from my peers. Despite this I am one of the new bosses go to people due to a unique skill set. I studied both the numerical and psychological parts of management at the Collegiate level. I also did have executive experience in the private sector before I arrived. Unfortunately, I walked into a situation where I was bullied and had my reputation shattered. It took many years to rebound and get the formal respect my skill set warranted.

The top boss said this is not an ending just merely a new chapter. I was asked about the hostility toward the previous supervisor who has been promoted. I was blunt that she lacks street credibility as an officer. Her personal skills are dreadful and is a walking EEO disaster. However, the greatest annoyance is her lack of effort. I don't mind losing because the task was too big or someone else just outperformed me. It is inexcusable to lose on lack of effort and poor planning. Officer work was beneath her and the work of supervisor was an inconvenience.

I am quite fond of probability and have my own theories how this will end. After a short spell the ineptness becomes apparent and she gets promoted again to a staff position of irrelevance. An EEO bombshell of her own arrogance takes her out. Someone actually notices how grossly incompetent and lazy she is and removes her. A poor decision explodes and the agency moves her out. She pushes the wrong button and gets into an altercation with a coworker. Any of these are likely by the end of August. When this happens my team will likely get moved again. There is no substitute for excellence and experience.

Mr Beamish in 2016

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