Thursday, November 20, 2014


The opponents of the Obama policies fail to grasp that the agencies in question are fee based and not part of the congressional budget. Congress might be able to halt the plethora of fee waivers or adjust the fees to absurd levels. Considering that smugglers charge 40K and up a 5k fee may not be unfair. This would be met with disbelief from the usual suspects. Moreover, despite what the papers write people who have problems in immigration fall into two categories criminals and imbeciles who refuse to hire a lawyer. The latter waste resources and spend their times whining to media morons. A famous case in the papers ommited the fact that the couple in question did not have an attorney. Given the fact these were low functioning adults this was a key omission. The officer can only rely on the information conveyed by the parties. Of course the big media types never get around to asking why did you appear without an attorney. The media never goes near the shoddy and illegal work of forms preparers. The media also avoids any discussion of scams  by immigrants commiting fraud. I am in the USA on TPS for ten years but go home annually.asylum fraud only gets discussed in terrorism cases. The notion that people who participate in fraud are victims of shady lawyers is a farce. A person should know she does not work in a Church that doesn't exist.

In the simple media world of immigration, immigrants are always angelic victims of the system. The government is so unreasonable because I didn't get a green card is par for the tone. Nobody asks the angel " do you expect a miracle. Do you cut your own hair with a soup bowl?  Do you fix your own brakes. Did you hire an attorney to prepare your case." T is not the governments job to grant you a benefit.

I also want to talk about criminality. Many of these immigrants are criminal and deserve to be deported. I am referring to multiple DWI and drug arrests. Sorry but you aren't supposed to be here and getting caught with pot is sufficient grounds for a trip home. Why the media portrays pot heads as victims is unknown.

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