Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Killing stupidly

There are those on the left who rationalize Arab crimes against those who simply seek to worship in peace. Religious Jews are the least likely to serve in the IDF. No doubt there are some lefties who lose their morals when Jews are involved. They still talk about the KKK bombing Black Churches but ignore crimes like this.

Behead an American and Obama gets outraged. Kill Jews merely praying and Obama spins about Arabs wanting peace.


Ducky's here said...

Ignore crimes like this?

What does that mean? It isn't being ignored and you Likud fools aren't facing facts.

You can only push people down so far, Beak before they act out.
This isn't going to stop and having the IDF pigs bomb some more unarmed civilians (Israel's ignorant standard response) only ramps it up.

You made your bed with that freaking fool Nuttyyahoo and you can expect to lie in it once in a while. Of course when a Palestinian is set on fire or a bus driver is hung, the only people to make an investigation are the Israelis and they never find criminal fault. THOSE CRIME GET IGNORED you hypocrite.

Just so long that Israel can get by on support from the fringe Christian right and the arms industry.

beakerkin said...

Actually how long can KKK communists disguise their genocidal obsessions. As fracking has changed Arab power it is you who are a dinosaur.

Arabs have plenty of colonized lands. Maybe you should cast your lot with ISIS.

BB-Idaho said...

Ultra orthodox Israeli Jews not only refuse military service, most are on the dole. Your experience with family frummies
gives you far more knowledge of
the situation than most of us.
Of course the wanton criminal slaying of praying Rabbis is abhorrent. The middle east is a violent place and we recall that
Rabin was assassinated by one of
his own orthodox citizens. IMO,
the case was covered fairly by the media; one of those affairs
that will be lost in the ongoing
flurry of violence in the area.

beakerkin said...

Most Frummies are lazy nerds who abhor physical activity, especially gainful employment. They are the best friends Arabs can ask for.