Thursday, November 06, 2014

Round Two is on the way

Obama is tone deaf to the message sent by the American People. The American People spoke loudly at the polls.

Obama is not nor has ever been Presidential material. Nothing in his bio suggests he is anything other than a product of nepotism. Obama was President of the Law Review. This is an elected position and had zero to do with his ability. Obama was not a law Professor. He was not on the tenure track and never published a single sentence.

While it is true there is some criticism of Obama that is race based. It is also true that Obama has used and abused race to get elected. Obama was elected with almost messianic fervor as a symbol as a potential healer. However, he stoked racial tensions in several high profile cases. 

Obama is not liberal, nor should his mangled Presidency be seen as anything other than the failure of the University and Media elite comedic attempt to differentiate fact from fiction. Leadership and ability matter and at no point has Obama ever demonstrated leadership.

Liberals need to grasp the difference between a genuine liberal with skill like Michael Bloomberg and a circus clown like Barak Obama or his demented NYC Mayoral epigone Warren Wilhem. Obama is all packaging and zero substance surrounded  by a cadre of flunkies and incompetents. On what planet does anyone take John "Gomer" Kerry, Chuck Hagel and Joe Biden as our best and brightest.

There is talk of an executive action on work authorization papers for illegal aliens. This will be very unpopular at a time when jobs are scarce. It may also be the time when some key supporters jump off the Obama bandwagon.

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