Saturday, November 15, 2014

Just Keep On Walking

There comes a point and time when fighting and words are a waste of time. You want to walk and keep on going. A trivial incident was blown out of proportion by an amoral manager. There are many legitimate criticisms of me but being a snitch especially over trivial stuff.

I live by a code of honor and respect. If I have a problem with you, I state it. If you cross a line then I don't talk or acknowledge you. The treatment may last years and usually does not ever break. In rare
instances, I might say a couple of sentences.

I am used to getting yelled at for stuff I did. This time there is not even a hint of anything wrong. I stated this and the boss used the occasion to ramble. I asked for an immediate transfer as is my right under the labor contract. I pointed out that it is in her own interest to accommodate my request.  If the request is not accommodated I will have to address her boss and go up the chain. At that point she asked if that is a threat. I pointed out she has enough enemies who play dirty. My goal is merely to depart and never speak again. 

The problem is this boss is so despised that there is a conga line of similar requests. 


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