Sunday, November 16, 2014

RIP Barron 1979- 2014

This is a nice life for a turtle. He had been ill for the last year or so.Bear in mind that turtles even in the best of conditions can live 70 years or more. I will not be getting another as it is safe to assume that I will not be around  at that time.

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Always On Watch said...

My condolences, Beak.

I've had many pet turtles, but never had one that long in my house. My pet turtles were box turtles, and I released them in September, when it was time for them to think about hibernation. One of them used to return every year, and I'd keep her for a while. She loved raw hamburger! She quit returning when all the houses were built in my area. I suppose she was killed by the construction.