Sunday, November 09, 2014

Usual Excuses

I want to point out the Obama is not just any liberal. He is an extreme far left incompetent who thinks he is the savior. He does not surround himself with competence. His cabinet and staff is comprised of yes men who lack competence.

Of course this is what happens when the media paints a picture and a mediocrity walks into a portrait.  I sat perplexed at the reaction of Black coworkers were elected the first time. There were accusations hurled at me that I was a racist because I didn't vote for Obama, In fact I didn't vote and in an agency where unhinged types look for imagined bigots under every rock it is no laughing matter.

The euphoria masked an absurd reality. Obama was raised in a White radical family. He went to exclusive Prep Schools and prestigious Universities. He never lived in a Black household until he got married. He never lived in a Black enclave or worked at a real job. He has more in common with Al Gore than your average Black American.

I did not join the celebrations at work. I cautioned those celebrating "wait till you see the bill before you celebrate". In many cases the bill was worse than I imagined. The sheer incompetence and out of control government is staggering. The energy sector has prevented a total economic meltdown, though we are in very bad shape. His massive oversized ego makes comparisons to Bill Clinton seem trite. Clinton had a giant ego, but he was not stupid or incompetent.

If you went to college you met plenty of Bill Clinton's and Obama's in your class. Clinton was the teachers pet who pretty much repeated every cliche presented by the professor. He has never had an original thought in his life. He is reality based and understands how to work with people. Obama is the University Faux radical and is a cartoon of an angry Black man. Many of us have reason to be angry, but anger should be genuine. In the case of Obama who went to elite schools and lived in Upper Middle class areas this is absurd. We had a version of Obama in my college. Like Obama he was potted out and frequently incoherent. He slept with anything that moved and repeated cliches that were absurd. In his case his mother was Jewish and his father was Black and some type of governmental official at the UN. Outside of class he would joke about his persona in class between bong hits. My friend was pretty much a reality based hustler. Obama merely internalized this absurd
role. What was he upset about "no valet parking for the Choom Gang at the Prep School", too much red meat in the faculty lounge.

Obama is set to throw up a middle finger at Americans. People who knowingly broke our laws are expecting work authorizations at a time where jobs are non existent. They drain our social safety nets and are frequently criminal. The administration has made a mockery of the deportation process, Actual deportations are very time consuming and take years. Even those who generally are favorable towards reform want criminals returned home.

 Most of us respect and like the illegals that we know. Most of us also know those who are out of work or underemployed due to Obamacare. My sympathy extends to my fellow citizens and LPR's who played by the rules rather than those who knowingly violated US law.

The election was about Obama and his arrogance. He could have done this massive work authorization plan before the election. He waited until after to spare Democrats in close races.


Ducky's here said...

There were accusations hurled at me that I was a racist because I didn't vote for Obama ...
Yeah, right. That has as much credibility as your so called "work place bullying".

Not true.

beakerkin said...

Always classy Duncy.

Ducky's here said...

I'm not totally unsympathetic but your paranoia can often be just too much.

Always On Watch said...

Fasten your seat belts. We're in for a very rough ride until at least November 2016.

beakerkin said...


My case was well documented and lasted years. Glad you think its paranoia.Plenty of people who are more familiar with my case don't see it that way.

That claim that I was racist because I did not vote for Obama was made. The same person called me racist for dating a Jewish woman rather than her friend who was from Haiti. AOW and I discussed that one.


It doesn't sound good. Where are the Dems worrying about the Party.