Saturday, November 01, 2014

The Fall of Obama

The GOP is fairly fortunate that Obama is vain and bone stupid. Obama care is crushing the economy. Workers cant find jobs and those who usually are stuck with 29 hours. Obama had an opportunity to pass the buck during the shutdown. Rather than negotiate and modify the failed plan Obama called his political opponents terrorists. This is quite amazing from an administration that calls the Benghazi attack a spontaneous protest and the Fort Hood Massacre work place violence.

Obama is so poisonous that political candidates avoid mentioning supporting him. He doesn't grasp the notion of compromise. He wades into every racial quagmire and further polarizes the nation with his media henchmen. He might be the first President to ever have a government that is imperial and inept at the same time.

 Obama was the most unqualified person to ever be elected President. Nothing in his past showed any real leadership. After he leaves the White House we will get scores of information about the real man that will surprise many. No man could ever live up to the absurd media hype that surrounded the Presidency. Some were describing him as the messiah. Barely, in office he gets a nobel Peace Prize.

It appears that the midterm election will be a strong rebuke to Obama and his media approved far left
followers. No doubt you will hear the BS about a tantrum like the previous time the nation sent Bill Clinton a similar message. Unlike Obama, Bill Clinton was not stupid and learned.

Obama is planning an amnesty that will effectively destroy the democratic party as we know it.  In a time of high unemployment Obama has given unemployed Americans a pair of cement shoes. Even those who favor immigration reform want criminal aliens deported. The deportation process is long and time consuming. The American people deserve a say in who stays here. Violent criminals, serial drunk drivers and drug dealers need to be tossed out.

Obama could have done this prior to the election. However, he grasps the price that would be paid by his party. He is gambling that many of you will forget his perfidy and vote Democratic in 2016. He has been wrong about everything else.

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