Thursday, November 06, 2014

Silence of the Obamunist Cadre

The alleged "American" correspondent at Harry's Place turned a venerable site into the mostly Euro version of the Obamunist fan club. This is odd considering Obama is the most anti Israel President ever and this administration is openly hostile to the elected President of Israel. The site does an excellent job dealing with leftist antisemitism in Europe while similar stories in the USA are ignored by the alleged "American" correspondent.

Now that the American people have spoken, the alleged "American"correspondent has taken the code of Omerta. This is priceless as the arrogant cocktail party bon vivant has no clue how actual people live or think.

A look at the idiocy of Obama's most fervent supporters shows that they have hostile opinions of the USA and a condescending view of the American people. There is one brain impaired dolt that allegedly is employed as a washing machine whisperer, but almost every single fervent Obama supporter at Harry's Place has a deep disdain for the USA, its people and its traditions. The exception to this is  Michael Ezra who respects America and its people while differing philosophically from the left. Michael Ezra is an intellectual giant who just has a very unique intellectual perspective. It is even quite amusing, at times, when he throws thunderbolts from Mount Olympus. He certainly does convey his points with flair and is always interesting.

There is a old Canadian who is an expert on everything American based upon a few visits to SF and reading Huffington. He gets to the use the computer at the nursing home as long as he stops regaling the staff about his glory days in the 30's.

Now some of you might have noticed the use of quotation marks in describing a certain lazy blogger.
This person is a dual national who  has a Euro leftist disdain for the American people and its traditions. You will never see an objection on the part of this individual when Americans are portrayed as oafs prone to violence .

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