Saturday, November 01, 2014

Life as a Circle

I am on a dreaded three or so month clerical rotation. It is a bizarre practice abandoned by every other office as a huge waste of money and morale killer. This is a job historically done by junior officers who earn the right to do more advanced work in this area. 

This is also the place where officers who cant cut it end up. My whole team is here on a rotation and when I arrived I found two peers I tried to save from this pit. When an officer is under fire many of us run from them but I tried to help out. Now I am sitting with my peers and they are overjoyed at my arrival. They will be helping me for the first few days and I should hold my own thereafter.

I am quite depressed at work. Normally, I can rationalize even the worst promotion with some sort of 
logic. However, lazy, stupid and incompetent people usually don't get promoted. My former boss asked me to congratulate her. I told her to hold her breath and wait for fond wishes. Well you got your wish in that you got rid of me. Unfortunately, it was not far enough away for my tastes.

At one point I had a better relationship with my boss. In fact I was the only employee she considered a friend. The friendship was ruined over her blatant disregard for my health. My condition had badly deteriorated to the point where my peers were concerned. Instead of allowing me a reasonable accommodation championed by other members of management she stamped her feet and placed a gag restriction on me. My condition grew more dire and we had a verbal exchange that would have ended her career if I were litigious. The top boss asked why I did not alert him to my condition and I explained about the gag order. The situation was remedied and life went on. 

I lost respect because my boss put her career aspirations ahead of my health. Allowing me to depart due to unique circumstances had no impact on her. Despite her claims other supervisors have managed the condition with ease. One who was familiar with me noticed in two seconds I was very off and assigned me work that forced me to snap out of it. 

Workplace bullying is no laughing matter. The abuse lasted for years and prolonged contact with my abusers caused me to experience PTSD. Unlike a tv sitcom one does not live happily ever. 

The boss asked me why I object to her. I told her I object to ambition without diligence and  a moral center. Her abrasive manner inspires no confidence and the only things she excels at is kissing the rear ends of top managers. 

I developed a program to train new officers how to accomplish objectives. I named it after a previous supervisor and endorsed this former supervisor in the dedication. This current boss asked why I name all my previous inventions after former bosses. I pointed out that my sentimental appreciation for a former boss should not threaten her. Perhaps someday I will discover a biological parasite that causes diarrhea and name it after that boss. Actually, the short dedication was two sentences and would have been missed if it weren't for her temper tantrum. 

It is unknown where I will go after this detail ends. I did caution this boss that it is far easier to let me out of her jurisdiction than to keep me in her chain of command. Moreover, other teams have made it known that they welcome my addition. I am not likely to escape as a top manager wants me around to mentor the new officers. 

It is odd that as we pass through life we meet the same people in different points of our career. I am hoping the boss will allow me to leave after this project. Despite her higher aspirations, I will not allow her to take credit for my innovations. 

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