Friday, October 17, 2014

Ebola follies

I do have sympathy for the dedicated nurses who caught the disease while doing their job. Any attempt to blame them for their illness is wrong. 

Thomas Duncan knew he was sick when he arrived. Most of the misteps were due to inexperience with the disease. Any claim of racism is slander against dedicated professionals including those who are ill from treating Duncan.

Contrary to the claim of his family, there is sufficient reason to believe Duncan knew he was exposed when he arrived in the USA. Unlike the US citizen medical professionals who caught the disease while trying to save lives Duncan had no reason to seek treatment here. Moreover, in the case of the US citizens every step was managed carefully. Duncan is part of a larger problem of illegals and visitors using government services making health care, education and prison care costs soar.

Ebola is an infectious disease and is a public emergency. However Joe Crapola from parts unknown is doing 30 years for misbehavior on the taxpayers dime.

Maybe part of the immigration debate should focus on who pays what.


Ducky's here said...

beakerkin said...

You should see the criminal records illegal aliens and green card holders have I am tired of illegals talking about rights

Mike's America said...

I'd like to know how much money U.S. taxpayers will have to shell out to pay for Duncan's care? I heard one report peg the bill at $500k. Obviously his family here won't pay it.

Anonymous said...

Prison CARE?

What,health care could go up!!!!????
Wouldn't want that amazing healthcare system of the great US to get out reach of the ordinary person now would we? That would be just terrible. All them poor people gettin' sick 'n everything and no hospital to go to.

Well, you know how much the tax payer shelled out to save the asses of all those wonderful people who tried to destroy the global economy. Geez, that there money can be found pretty damned quick when there is a REAL crisis. You know, that's a crisis that threatens those who matter!

Yeah,you got it. Your lives are just going down the toilet because of all these "doin' it the easy way illegals". Good for nothing, lazy bastard swill, the lot of them. Life's just a bowl of cherries for 'em.

You knew they'd come the minute NAFTA was given the go ahead. Let's face it really, it's all good for the economy anyways.

Nevertheless, this is our country and we're not gonna take it no more! Heard them fightin' words before from a certain group of indigenous inhabitants but the "illegal aliens" who threatened them just killed 'em or moved 'em out of the way, because they could.

Hey, and just wait till all those Mexicans decide they want their land back! That'll be good.