Monday, October 06, 2014

Stupidity In Government

Immigration is not a right. It is a privilege predicated on following a set of rules determined by the American people. After the election President Obama plans amnesty. He wont do it before the election because, he is well aware of the consequences for his party.

Thomas Eric Duncan apparently was an immigrant here on  a fiance visa. He knowingly came to the USA with Ebola and risked spreading the disease here. It is unknown who he transmitted this to.  Nor should we be shocked immigrants would lie about this.

There are those who point to the fact that the USA has a special obligation to Liberia due to its history. This argument would hold for the Philippines as well. While this may account for extra foreign aid and visa slots ebola is not in the mix.

Lefties treat immigration as a sacrament. The imbecile speaker of the NYC council want to end turning over those with arrests for violent crimes to immigration. This is a dangerous move and she should be greeted with all types of verbal abuse for her blatant disregard for public safety and tax payer resources.

Our Poithead Mayor hid behind his Rudy era police commissioner. The commissioner has shown why Rudy wanted him out of office. Let me repeat this, if you are arrested by NYPD do not fight. You can complain later, but the wrongful death belongs squarely upon the fat slob carrying on like a lunatic. He had been arrested multiple times for the same charge and should be well aware he might pay a small fine. His demise was caused by his own actions.

In general Police Officers deserve our full support. The rants that Police Officers are racist are BS rants from rabble rouser jerks like Al Sharpton. Violent crime tends to hit minorities and low income people hardest. The increase in crime immediately after we exchanged an actual leader for a Pothead Progressive is noticeable. Glad the media loves the Pothead's Mayor's sons hairdo, but he can't govern and needs to go. Even little Anthony Weiner could not possibly be this incompetent between
idiotic gaffes on the internet. Has anyone done a serious interview and asked the Poithead Mayor when he stopped lighting up.

Our current messes are examples of why electing Pothead Progressives is a lousy idea.

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Mike's America said...

Liberal "open borders" immigration policy is just another painful example of how the left refuses to see the negative consequences of their policy.

What do they think is going to happen once all these illiterate, diseased people get here? Immigrants will become the new underclass.

Of course libs would hope to exploit that for political gain and will gladly do so at the expense of their other favorite underclass, the blacks!