Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sorry Duck

I am still learning how to use the I phone and accidentally deleted a comment. I have spent the last three months doing work from areas outside NYC. My perspective on the immigration story has changed. Lost in the story about immigration is criminality. Even immigration advocates need to consider tightening this aspect. Removal of green card status for felony level arrests should be mandatory. Pretending that immigrants are largely law abiding is ignoring reality. Three drunk driving arrests should be automatic deportation. Selling drugs should also be deportable. Alien smuggling of any kind should be deportable. These hearing need to be expedited as well. Ultimately, the tax payer pays for this benign neglect of public safety.

Immigration is predicated on good behavior and is not a sacrament.


Mike's America said...

Dinesh D'Souza got in more trouble for an improper campaign donation than any of these illegals ever get for serious, even violent criminal acts.

beakerkin said...

It is just crazy. Green card holders with 5 or more DWI's and multiple srug selling convictions are common.

What do immigrants owe America

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Mike's right on the money there! Haven't stopped laughing.

The Kin's nailed it. Crazy, crazy.

Aliens??? You believe in aliens?

Owe? Americans are immigrants, the whole lot of ya. Even the one's who got there first but at least they were there for thousands of years before the real assholes arrived. So maybe someone owes them. Just a little bit.

Immigrants and aliens. For supercreators sake.If I could speak Algonquin, Athapascan, Iroquian etc., I reckon I'd know who the aliens and immigrants were!

It's just crazy man, crazy.

You guys crack me up.

beakerkin said...

A person who is born here is a citizen.
In my case my parents were born here
and as such we are talking about 100 years of history.

Historically speaking until recently immigrants understood that remaining in this country was predicated on good behavior. My grandfather signed up for WW2 well before he was a citizen.

Contrast this with the frequently criminal behavior of green card holders and illegal aliens. The public stands a greater chance of being killed by a career criminal illegal alien or Green Card holder.

Funny, lefties don't seem to get worked up when Sandanistas or Hugo abuse Indians in the present.

Anonymous said...

That last line is just a non sequitur. Erroneous and meaningless. . Your main argument is puerile and self serving. Nothing more. Plenty of nasty "indigenous" citizens roaming the democratically barren wilderness of the US of Assholes. Be careful now, regarding who I am regarding as assholes. Don't jump to conclusions. The US is very similar in its settler colonial history to that sycophantic patch of land called australia. Some indigenous citizens(non citizens) there call the interlopers strayaliens. Get it.

The American public stands a greater chance of being killed by it's very own screwed up health care system. Pull your head out of the sand Kin.

beakerkin said...

The health care was better before Socialist turds started messing with

You are a BS artist. When commies or Muslims oppress indigenous people you are peachy with it.