Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Daughters Eleventh

Despite hard times, we took the time to celebrate my daughters birthday. The Maltese was at my feet
guarding me as I returned with items for the party. Over time the Pomeranian has become less evil.
He has ceased attempting to bite me,  An encounter with steel toed shoes made it a bad idea. Also the Maltese quickly sprung to my defense each time. Now the Pomeranian is merely bratty wanting some quality time when I return.

The Maltese is quite smart as he knows the small kids do not go where I sleep. Thus my presence allows the Maltese protection. He also knows I walk around at strange hours and take him with me. He also can sense things way ahead of me with his excellent hearing.

The party went well, but I left long before the dreaded slumber party. I went to the basement with the Maltese and a big container of roast lamb. The Pomeranian had to fend for himself under the bed upstairs. Although he is more athletic than the Maltese he is not able to handle a major staircase.

My daughter invited her bratty cousin Deanna. I kind of like that kid who can be annoying at times and has a unique propensity to find all of the food caches. I tended to use metal canisters as they can store quite a bit.

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