Thursday, March 13, 2008

Political Blood Sports

Gov Spitzer is and will always be remembered as a jerk. His over the top selective prosecutions like those before him were built upon the careers of people who were largely abused to keep his name in the headlines. In reality his crimes were nowhere near as serious as the crimes of Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton or Barney Frank. However, Spitzer did not enjoy nearly the amount of worship in the mainstream press as those previously mentioned. Moreover, Spitzer would probably have prosecuted any large name for the exact crime he committed himself. Spitzer is the spoiled son of a self made real estate tycoon and has done nothing on his own and lacks class and social skills.

Onto Geraldine Feraro, her comments spoke a larger truth. She was an ordinary congress woman selected soley because of her gender to be vice president. However, Hillary Clinton's was also elected almost entirely because of her gender, her relationship to her husband and the overwhelming support of the Black Community. The Clinton's have always benefited from perceptions that they are godsends to the Black Community and to a lesser extent the Jewish Community. The far left campaign of fear also has some that think the fate of the planet depends upon Bill Clintons ability to keep abortion legal. Bill Clinton's behavior would make keeping abortion legal a form of self preservation. Without the absurd levels of support in the Black community and to a lesser extent the Jewish community the Clintons lose every election outside
of Arkansas.

Is there a larger truth to the comments? When we talk about Obama much of his support is from the I am not Hillary camp. Hillary is unlikeable and her codling by the media is absurd. How can we expect her to deal with Bin Laden if she will not even sit for an interview with Shawn Hannity. The only interviewer that does not coddle Hillary is Tim Russert. Oddly, the Clinton's
are complaining with some validity that Obama has been coddled in the same manner they were

I am amazed that at work people assume that I am a Democrat based upon my ethnicity and social positions. I do not have time to discuss larger politics and race is a factor at work along with gender. A simple situation like breast feeding in a legal hearing is a potential land mine. The
proceedings are a serious matter and such matters as wearing a hat, chewing gum or slouching are considered disrespectful. Hats may be worn for religious reasons with no exceptions. What does one say if anything about breast feeding in such a situation. In my case I said nothing as there is no guidelines. Moreover, saying anything might have ended my career and it did not bother me personally. Oddly, some of the female officers were bothered by the situation and would have said something had time permitted.

The reality is that most of those at work are on the far left. There are some notable exceptions and a few have deduced my real leanings by my reading lists. However, I am largely against Cowboyism and this has served almost like a stealth suit. I will take adverse action only when it is seriously warranted by a criminal or clearly out of bounds fraud situation.

Obama in my view has not done much other than say Hope and Change endlessly and say I am not Hillary. He seems to be a product packaged,even his campaign logo looks somewhat like the Pepsi logo. Perhaps we should be thankful his handlers did not select the Grapenuts or Peptobismol icons.

Much of Obama's core support is from some of those who see ethnic pride. However, I do remember a Muslim Coworkers shock that I was not voting for Gore based upon Joe Lieberman
being on the ticket. Maybe my voting based upon ideas is just not the norm.


The Merry Widow said...

Voting for real ideas requires THINKING, and to most people, THINKING is a hard and painful exercise. Therefore, they depend upon; ethnicity, religion(or lack thereof), gender(perceived or natural) part of the country, food choices and sound bites to determine their votes. It's easier on their unused brains.
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Always On Watch said...

Obama is the Teflon man. I've never seen the media fawn so much over a candidate for President.

Yes, he's charismatic (to some, anyway). But a lot of the fawning stems from the fact that he is not a white candidate. Perhaps lots of people are drawn to him to prove to themselves that they're not racists after all.

Or maybe supporting Obama is part of a 12-step program to overcome racism.

Whatever the case, Obama's campaign has a messianic tone as well as the tone of a rock star.

Obama is making promises he could not possibly keep as President. Yet his followers believe him and believe IN him.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Yay! Obama can read a teleprompter! Yay!

QunQat said...



The voting of the LEFTARD!!!