Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The NY Gov and myths about men

One of the standard myths about men is that we are visually stimulated. Well our Gov antics are interesting as he is legally blind. Obviously his needs may be based in either the challenge or his vision may be better than expected.

I am starting to notice that not all persons are made for power. This is certainly the case with my peers who abuse our badge for sexual exploitation or monetary gain. The recent scandals with Gov
in NY and NJ as well as the Mayor of Detroit also point to this abuse of power.

Each and every day I am entrusted with the authority to act on behalf of the American people. It is a power I take seriously. However, it is a balance between those who are too zealous, being too lenient and corruption. I have learned alot about myself and human nature from this job.


Ducky's here said...

"I am starting to notice that not all persons are made for power."

I am assuming that multiple adulterer and general symbol of corruption, Rudolph Giuliani, was responsible for your epiphany.

beakerkin said...

Nothing wrong with Rudy. However, coming from an apologist for Castro, Chavez and Communist thugs every where your perspective is warped.

nanc said...

dang, beak!

i've been trying to post here and a couple of other places and hit the submit button and get an error message for the last several days!

plucky probably has an affinity with kwame kilpatrick?