Monday, March 03, 2008

Fleeing Taxation

The demented Duck must be oblivious to the Europeans and Canadians who emigrate to the USA.
The profile was the same, young talented with advanced degrees making a good living. Many stated that their opinions of the USA were changed by living in it. The Swedes and Canadians cited
the tax system.

It would seem that excessive taxation does cause immigration of the young an talented.


Z said...

Even in France and Germay, meet the young and talented there and they'll slam our Iraq war, they'll laugh at cowboy diplomacy, chewing gum and Brittney Spears and then finally tell you they'd give up a year of their life to come live in America.
happened ALL the time...
and they put a STARBUCKS in my favorite Paris cafe near our apartment! To me? that's the definition of 'khutzpah'..In a city of the best coffee in the world served in the most wonderful ambiance for coffee in the world, they prohibit smoking from that great ambiance AND build a Starbucks next door. oy.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

America was founded and made great by people fleeing oppression.

QunQat said...

Ducktard has taken a Blood Oath to become a member of the Cult of Denial!!