Sunday, March 09, 2008

Finding a Purpose

I want to tell all those who think government work is easy that you are way off. Working in the government is frustrating and insane. Everything we do is triple scrutinized and I am still learning the subtle parts of the job. My bosses tell me I will be learning those subtle parts for the rest of my career.

I chose not to do criminal work because I do not have the personality type. In the office I am known to be gentle until otherwise prudent. I believe that even the bad cases must be treated with respect. Our top manager agrees with this approach. However, we sometimes deal with delicate subject matters and even the most gentle questioning will draw tears. I am quite clinical when the situation calls for it.

The other day I saw the real reason I love my job. I have had many careers all of them are meaningless in the greater scheeme. I saw a forty something couple very much in love in a way that was obvious. It is moments like this I treasure, not the apprehsion of a menace.

This career change has had hard moments, but the rewards are worth it.


nanc said...

as you know i spent most of my career working in county and state government - i loved it!

The Merry Widow said...

Most people go through life "holding a job". The blessed are those who find a worthwhile career. Congrats! You are fortunate!


Elmer's Brother said...

While some would consider the military part of what you describe...I loved it...however I am a government employee now and can't wait to find another job

most of which is due to the hostile environment created by the UNION