Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Black Liberation Theology

The comments of Pastor Wright are described as Black Liberation Theology. Like all the other "Liberation Theology" it is an abomination created by attempting to fuse Marx with Christ and in this case racism.

We have a double standard in that the slightest inane utterances of a Pat Robertson make national headlines, but those of Pastor Wright get a free pass. The comments about 9-11 and rabid anti-American loathing got no scrutiny in the media. No doubt Wright's defenders will point to a Zionist/Jewish/Neocon conspiracy to defame him for his support of Farakhan. The conspiracy mindset will also have this as a Zionist attempt to undermine Obama as he goes down to defeat.

The reality that Pastor Wright's anti-American, anti-semitic, conspiratioral and goofy comments just never sinks in on the true believers. We get a glimpse of this idiocy blog from the rare visits of Uptown Steve. Uptown Steve will wax on about alleged Jewish dominance of the slave trade.
He gets his material from Black Commentator and gets quite upset when one points out that his idiocy is the pop up book version of Frankfurt School Cryptocommunist BS.

There used to be a time when decent people understood hate and loathing when they understood it. Why a person would want to join a Church that is hostile and rabidly anti- American remains a mystery? No doubt there are plenty of alternatives and denominations that
preach fusions of Marx with Christ are losing respect and memberships to those who stick to Christ.

Obama was stuck with an impossible situation. He tried to defend his Pastor as a nutty relative
whom he loves but disagrees with. However, his claim to have just found out about these quotes
now is not credible. Obama had the choice of defending rabid anti-Americanism or tossing his pastor under the bus. Obama tossed his pastor under the bus. One can not win a national election preaching an anti-American hate filled message.

Beamish in 08


Ducky's here said...

Wright gets a free pass.

Are you insane? Have you been in a coma fro the last week?

Free pass. Please, Beak, write something coherent.

Always On Watch said...

it is an abomination created by attempting to fuse Marx with Christ and in this case racism.

That's as good a definition of black liberation theology as I've read.

Obama went on to a different tune this morning: national security. He stated that he "knows how to stand up to Al Qaeda," and that, of course, Hillary and McCain do not.

And, of course, the change theme was prevalent in today's speech, along with a banner on the podium: "Judgment that counts," or something like that.

I'm waiting for him to adopt the theme song "Bridge Under Troubled Water," performed by some African-American band, not Simon & Garfunkel.

Z said...

the ultimate irony is Obama saying he couldn't keep Imus as an employee after what he'd said because that would be "enabling".

Anonymous said...

Wright didn't get a free pass, but apparently Obama has. I agree with Z -- double standards are always acceptable when they are intended to implement affirmative action. Wright is a pus-bag, but so is every other racist, whether he or she wears a pastoral collar or not.

We must be concerned about the tenor of Obama's speech. Many claim it was the best speech since Abe Lincoln; this demonstrates that this country is not without morons.

Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

Obama's the King of Enable.

beakerkin said...


Would you or the Duck compare the immediate reaction to Falwell's idiocy and the delayed reaction to Wright's inane comments.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


this demonstrates that this country is not without morons.

Around half of the Americans that vote are comprised of morons, if Gore's and Kerry's Presidential election support is an indication.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


Falwell was called out on his idiotic comments right after 9/11.

Wright's been making his inane comments without pause for over 20 years.

The problem here is twofold:

1.) Leftists are expected, and perhaps ideologically required to say inane things, and

2.) Obama, as a black man, was not supposed to have advanced so far in the DemoKKKratic Party nomination race

Pretty soon we're going to see Obama and Hillary hitting each other on who's got the most unwanted endorsements.

Anonymous said...

Excluding FoxNews, I think the MSM was quicker to jump on Falwell than it was Rev. Wright, and I wonder why the MSM is ignoring the idiocy of Hagee and Parsley.

Note that when Bush attended Bob Jones University, the press was on that immediately; now the press is once again in adoration of Obama.

I think there is no question but that we have a double standard in this country: one for leftards, and the other for the conservative right. In my view, racism is racism. A responsible American will detest racism, no matter what their skin color or religious preference. Once again, the MSM has failed the American people in this, and almost everyone is upset about this except liberals.

Remember the phrase, "Come uppance." Many liberals hate America as much as Wright does; they cannot wait to compare Hagee's endorsement of McCain as morally relevant to Wright's vitriol. I wonder what they will say (if anything) about the New Black Panther Party's endorsement of Obama.

Semper Fi

QunQat said...


I get no MSM. Tell us, how many mentions, how many minutes of video... have been shown on CNN, CBS, ABC, NYT, LAT...

Oh yeah, and let us know WHY none of them BROKE this interesting background story on a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE!!!




beakerkin said...


As Mr. B and Qunqat note this has been going on for years. This is someone who has been a part of the Church for years. This is also more severe than Bob Jones University. The media should ask Oprah about her membership.

This story has been out there a while
and Obama is lucky the media turned its back on Hillary.

Always On Watch said...

Obama is the Teflon man. Nothing nasty sticks as far as the media are concerned, with the possible exception of Fox News.

Z said...

AOW; this has to STOP, and it's up to the conservative blogosphere, which we're all proud to a part of.
WHEN is America going to wake up to the baises?
Man, they said Reagan was TEFLON. This Empty Suit Obama sets a new standard.
This State Dept/Obama passport file thing is ALL a creation of the Obama crowd; trying to get the spotlight off Rev Wright. And it'll probably work.
The reacts to things they don't want us to hear with their fingers in their ears, screaming "yadda ydadda ydadda yadda" to drown out the truth.

The Pagan Temple said...

I don't see how Wright got a pass either, I'm constantly hearing about this. And well we should hear about it. How dare he say some of the things he has said, such as God sending Hurricane Katrina to destroy New Orleans, and how we should encourage war in the Middle East to hurry Armaggedon and The Second Coming of Christ.

For that matter, how dare John McCane seek his support even after he publicly stated how gays, pagans, and feminists are responsible for the terrorist attacks of 9/11. How dare he say God is going to damn America becasue of abortion and-

Whoops. Wrong preacher(s). Never mind.

Elmer's Brother said...

well Falwell at least apologized...anyone heard Wright apologize?