Thursday, March 06, 2008

Black Robed Freaks

The Duck seems to think that Rav Roov has nothing to fear from Communist subversion of the law.Rav Roov has been concerned that laws mandating clergymen perform gay marriages will be passed. This is not far fetched either.

There are allready odd laws in the UK about what constitues hate speech. These same goofy laws
have found their way into Universities and the workplace. A student was brought before Universiy comissars for calling a loud group of Black females water buffaloes. The phrase " use your cocanut"got me sent to HR. Two men talking about car parts was considered creating a hostile work attmosphere, because a person claimed she was being excluded. Sexual harassment is a serious issue, but abuses like the examples above are typical of fiats of Freaks in Black robes.

Rav Roov wants to conduct his services without Black robed freaks dictating what he can preach from the pulpit and how he should conduct his job.


Anonymous said...

Of course the bible of the black robed freaks (the Constitution) is supposed to prevent them from entering the synagogue, but since when do the black robed freaks care about their own bible?

The Merry Widow said...

FJ-They have been squatting on it for years. I think they use it to see how they can subvert it from it's original intent!

Beaker-Rav Roov should be afraid!