Saturday, March 22, 2008

Whoa Bad Officers

I am somewhat bothered by the absurd coverage given to immigration officers who misbehave.
This job is a public trust and not for everyone. The job is done best by people who balance the law
and can avoid cowboyism.

Like any other profession we do have rouges. However, there is also the genuine prospect of spurious charges by shady attorneys and applicants. I would like to see just a fraction of the scrutiny in the media reserved for attorneys who are crooked. However, this higher standard is just part of the job.

Beamish in 08.

Bring back the Gasmask


QunQat said...

The press turn their analytical and investigative powers on (GASP!!!) the LEGAL PROFESSION???


Quite outside of the fact they don't appear to be analytical or investigative anymore!!

nanc said...


bring back the gasmask!


Z said...

All professions have rogues and we need to stop slamming cops of all specialities. Sure, there are bad cops and they need to be flushed out but, the more I'm seeing lately, the less cops are EVER going to want to sign up. WHO WOULD? There they are, four kids at home in bed, wife worrying about paying the bills, and they're out there, tired, scared of dying, and well trained, but......this stuff gets to you. Yet, they have to be curteous to a guy who would blow their head off in a heartbeat and get videos made of them if they kick someone.
Yayaya, I know kicking isn't good, but will cops EVER cop a break!?

gasmaskers unite.

Beamish said...

Okay already.

I think all immigration officials should be cowboys. Immigrants know that America is all about cattle drives, car chases, and shootouts.

They saw it in the theater and on their TVs back home. Why do you think they came here in the first place?

Z said...

GOOD IDEA! They come here expecting John Wayne types (remember, to Europe, Bush is a cowboy, too, right?!) and they get Peewee Herman.
We have to take the gloves off and save this country, folks!

QunQat said...


When do you get a Taser?!?!?!?!


jams o donnell said...

There was a case two years ago where an IO here offered a Zimbabwean woman permisssion to stay for sex. It was all over the front page. Quite rightly the IO got the book thrown at him. It only got the huge coverage it did because the Home Office was under the press microscope at the time.

Still he was a fdisgrace to the uniform... not that we had uniforms when I was one. I am very gland never to have had to wear one