Saturday, March 15, 2008

Maybe it would have been better if Obama was a Muslim

The obnoxious comments of Pastor Wright are clear and self evident. They do represent a racist
negative view of America that is held by a small but loud element in the Black community. The pastors support of Louis "Spaceship" Farakhan, trips to Lybia and comments about 9-11 are insane and it is not credible that Obama just found out. Obama's comment about a nutty Uncle are not credible either. Mel Gibson can not change his father, but Obama selected Pastor Wrights Church.Moreover, the comments from Obama's wife about not being proud of America until now are reflective of this mindset.

Would any of us tolerate this kind of racism in a candidate who went to a KKK church. There were some of us who would not even consider Romney whose Mormonism looks wholesome in any comparison to the wacky pastor.

As far as Islam goes I would have no problem pointing to sane Muslims. Steven Schwartz and the CIP show that one can be a patriot and a Muslim. Schwartz has always maintained that the
Nation of Islam has nothing to do with Islam and his religion is not racist. I would have zero problem voting for a Muslim candidate provided they did not equivocate on terrorism and were


Z said...

Beak, there's a moderately interesting symposium at FPM about the subject of moderate muslims...check it out. This statement from an American 'moderate muslim' puzzled me..."While Moderate Muslims must support and fight for secularism, they do not have to be secular . They do not have to abandon religious and moral principles, nor are they required to lose their identity as Muslims, and simply blend into Western society." Why can't they simply blend in? Oh, that would mean no more minarets, or??

But, don't go there without reading the most beautiful eulogy most of us have ever heard or David, for his daughter Sarah, on her recent passing. It is QUITE a piece of writing ... so beautiful. The comments knock me many, so beautiful, so respectful no 'threads', just one after the other writing condolences to David.

Very moving.

Always On Watch said...

I posted twice on Obama today, once at my site and once at THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS. The second of those postings is about how Obama's denomination is so proud of Trinity UCC.

Also, TMW has linked to a very interesting essay by Ed Cline. Check it out.

The Pagan Temple said...

I posted about Obama and Reverend Wright at my site too. Or, to be precise, a "guest blogger" posted about it on my site. I am hoping a good many people's houses are shatterproof.

Evil Style Queen said...

"As far as Islam goes I would have no problem pointing to sane Muslims."

But where are they?

Compared with the average Mullah, the good Reverend is a picture of moderation, tolerance and broadmindedness.

And trust me, Obama IS a Muslim. He was brought up as one, he lived as one for years. Muslims do not know conversion, it's a mortal sin, punishable by death only.

If he weren't considered a Muslim, he wouldn't be alive anymore and why do you think there never even was a word of criticism from Muslims about this apostate?

The man is a sleeper. Mark my words.

By the way, that's me, The Editrix. I just was too lazy to change IDs.