Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nasty Types Out There

I want to stress to all readers Rob Bayn is always my friend no matter where he is. I have been reading some of his critics blogs and they are filled with self righteous hate. Oddly, these gay types talk of the hate within our ranks.

Unlike the rest I am not particularly religious. I do not care who sleeps with whom so long as all participants are consenting adults and I am left off the guest list. I have lived with gay people down the hall and it did not change my life. I have worked with gay professionals who were great friends and helped me learn my craft.

Unlike the high pitched self righteous Snagglepuss in the UK I never considered being gay an epithet. We would have fairly regular commentary from the Weazel calling me gay. I have had that label tossed at me at work with no complaints. In reality I could care less what stupid people think and their labels mean nothing. The dumbest one was Communist Renegade Eye who speculates that I have killed.

Rob and Justin are always my friends wherever they go. We can disagree on the nature of man or if Simon of American Idol deserves a wedgie, but friends do that. I still never quite understood the jumping on the Cowboy bandwagon. Tony Romo should stick to making ribs and keep his girlfriend from wearing a pink jersey. Then again I am a Giant fan and such matters fall into bad taste.

I have nothing but the highest respect for Justin. We may disagree on philosophy but how he gets to any point is interesting.

I feel for a friend caught in between two worlds. All of us struggle with the issues of identity. Long ago I walked away from the religious community for personal reasons. I am not hostile to those who are religious. I am very proud of my brother's work as a clergyman. My identity was more or less independent. I never denied who and what I am. For me it was just simply I am an American and pragmatic. There are those for whom religion is a calling, sadly I am not one.

I am saddened that some of us make way too big of a deal over this on both sides. Rob's gay critics have shown zero class. I want to point out when we found out anti-semite 167 had AIDS we wished him well in spite of his vile hatreds of Jews and America. A real human takes no pleasure out of the suffering of others.

Rob and Justin are always welcome wherever I hang my hat. They are above all people I proudly call my friends.


Beamish said...

I have no problem with homosexuals that recognize that their defining activities are 1.) an epidemic disease vector and 2.) that it was political pressure, not science, that removed homosexual behavior from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders issued by the American Psychiatric Association. Now homosexuals only have a "mental disorder" if the homosexual "subjectively views their homosexual behavior as disturbing."

Imagine when the APA starts working on a text-based cure for homocidalphobia.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, do you watch American Idol?

Ducky's here said...

Isn't that nice. Beamish has no problem with homosexuals.

Anyone listening?

Rob said...


Nasty comments or attacks come with the blogging territory, it really does not bother me. Some of the attacks are because of things I have said.....and I took full responsibility for those comments, and will continue to do so, however on the same token I won't waste my life in focusing on my failures, only on my future.

Being a Cowboy fan was a easy transition, after years of watching the pussy cats, I could use some blue uniforms that win once in a while..

The Merry Widow said...

Hey Rob, long time, why haven't you e-mailed? Don't be a stranger lil' bro!
I still love ya!


beakerkin said...


I have not watched American Idol for years and even then it was under duress.

Mr B speaks a partial truth about the political pressure to make changes in the DSM. If the DSM were objective, communism would have been declared a mental pathology long ago

Justin said...

All that being said no one can ever accuse Mr B of not being a equal opportunity hate monger :).

Of course it was political pressure that changed a lot of things. You know, like Divorce,Adultery and the list goes on and on. Of course Mr B. seems to know a lot about Gays and their practices kinda makes you wonder just how he learned all this :).

As far as attacks I figure I can get in there and put it back to the best of them so I dont really let it bother me to much. I have found out over the years those who go on the rampage about it have more issues hanging in their closets than just coat hangers. I find most have some deep seated infeority complex they are dealing with so attacking some one different of course makes them feel good about themselves.

After all the APA also labels homophobia as a "Mental Disorder" so welcome to the club Mr. B :) oh and just so you know I dont think you have to worry about anyone who is gay coming on to you or attacking you because I dont think there are any that are that desparate enough or would want to waste their time trying to explain the facts of life to you.

There are and always will be gays who give the gay community a bad reputation just as there are and always will be "str8" people who give the hetro world a bad reputation.

Jungle Mom said...

I find you to be one of the kindest non religious type I have ever encountered.
I do not approve of homosexuality, but people can do what they want as long as they keep it safe for the rest of us. I certainly would wish no individual harm or suffering on any one.

Beamish said...


It's worse than that. Now under DSM-III guidelines, homosexuality is only a "mental disorder" if the homosexual under diagnosis thinks it is.

Imagine how bad it will get when the bestiality rights crowd starts claiming to be "normal."


Do not mistake my visceral hatred for everything in and from Massachussetts for homophobia, although I'm sure you get that alot.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

The initial move to take homosexuality out of the DSM was a political move. A compromise declaring ego dystonic homosexuality an illness was reached.

The basic problem is that the profession has become over politicized. I do support the move to declassify homosexuality as a mental illness.However, there have been some professionals who want to
declassify pedophelia.

Communism should have been classified as a mental health
pathology years ago. However, objecting to communism or supporting Israel according to Kovel is a form of mental illness.
Kovel embodies exactly what is wrong with the profession and why reform is needed.


I respect religious people even though I am not religious myself.

Beamish said...


If homosexuality can be removed from classification as a mental disorder by political pressure, anything can.

QunQat said...


Beamish proabaly learned about Homosexuals the same way I did. Early on, the typical kids and adults bigoted mythology.

Later on, reading reports written by Homosexuals ABOUT Homosexuals!!!